March 9, 2015

Present:  Trustees Anne Chant, Carolyn Hemingway, Mary Beth Link, Michael Lowrey, Ann McGarity, Sheryl Power; Library Co-Directors for the month of March Jay Rancourt and Mary Cronin; Selectman Steve Gray; Absent: George Plender

Call to Order:  Meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM.

Approval of Draft Minutes:

Jay noted that in last month’s meeting, she thought the library page expenditure line for January 2015 was too high, but bookkeeper Jill Lavoie reminded her that the higher figure reflected the salaries of two library pages, not one. CH made motion to accept February 9, 2015 draft minutes as written, seconded by SP.  Passed by voice vote.

Treasurer’s report:

1.  February 2015 Financial Report:

In reviewing February’s financial report, Mike noted that the Library Page line was decreased to the lower figure of $70.  Jay then found that the higher figure was listed under Circulation Asst – Summer.  She will have Jill move this expenditure to its correct line under Library Page.  Jay also mentioned that the $246 under Adult Programs should be moved to the Grants line.  It represents the New Hampshire Humanities Council grant.  The $500 currently under Grants represents the Malfer Foundation grant received by the Friends.  MBL was curious about the expenditures under Fixtures/Furnishings and Preservation.  Jay explained the former was for refrigerator and microwave replacement, while the latter was for lamination of two large maps of the Town of Tamworth.  ML pointed out that the 17.87% of the budget spent reflects the many subscription invoices that come due at the beginning of the calendar year.  He also reminded trustees that the quarterly budget shown is 25% of last year’s appropriation, and once the new budget is voted in, that figure will change.  He plans to attend Town Meeting.

Motion to accept February 2015 Financial Report with amendments to Library Page/Circulation Asst-Summer and Grants/Adult Programs made by SP, seconded by CH.  Passed by voice vote.

2.  Unanticipated funds in February

$     9.00   Unrestricted donations
$   45.00   Copies
$ 500.00   Malfer Foundation grant rec’d by FoCML for kids
$ 246.00   NHHC grant
$   65.00   Lost book donations
$   47.00   Library sales
$ 912.00   TOTAL

Motion to accept February unanticipated funds made by ML, seconded by MBL.  Passed by voice vote.


The town auditor will be coming on March 16-18.  AC asked if everyone received the latest New Hampshire Library Trustees Association Newsletter that announces the 2015 Spring Conference Annual Meeting on May 18 in Concord.  She will bring this up at the April meeting when new trustees are on board.  Registration deadline is May 4.  AM found last year’s conference well worth attending.

Old Business:  None.

Library Director’s Report:

1.  Mary Cronin was introduced as the new library director.  She will be attending a staff meeting this week and will gain a better understanding of staff responsibilities.  Jay will make copies of job descriptions for Mary to clarify staff assignments.  Jay intends to overlap with Mary during the month of March as needed.

2.  Outreach & Collaboration:  Amy collaborated with the Community School to present the NHHC program about Sherlock Holmes.  There were two deliveries to Remick Acres.

3.  Mary will have a new library credit card.  Signatory rights will be under her name, Trustee Chair Anne Chant, and the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer when assigned in April.

New Business:

Mary brought up the question of the serving of wine in the library and pointed out that it is against town rules.  Steve Gray added that the town’s property liability was at stake.  Mary distributed library statistics for January and February 2015.  She intends to send monthly statistics to trustees before each meeting.  Trustees were appreciative.

Committee Reports:

Personnel:  Patti Rau has retired, Mary Cronin is on board as new library director, and Michele Killeen is working out splendidly in the part-time library assistant position.
Policy:   The Policy Committee, including Mary Cronin, reviewed the following policies on March 3, 2015:  Mission Statement (no change); Fiscal Policy (slight change to No. 5 regarding Capital Reserve Fund); Leave of Absence (no change); Overdue Library Materials (slight changes to reflect current practices); Interlibrary Loan (slight changes to bring types of materials loaned up to date); Internet Access and Use (slight changes to remove redundancies and obsolete practices; added information on color printing and scanning); Friends of Cook Memorial Library (no change); Petitions and Informational Material (no change).  Revisions were tracked and sent out to trustees for review.  (They are attached to the online version of these minutes.)  The only discussion centered around the Capital Reserve Funds and the fact that they no longer exist, which is noted in the revised Fiscal Policy.  Mention may be deleted altogether when the policy is next reviewed.  Steve reminded trustees that large expenditures are now on a scheduled Capital Improvement Plan.  Though an emergency fund does exist, large capital outlays need to be proposed as part of an annual budget or as a separate warrant article and voted in at Town Meeting.  CH made a motion to accept the Mission Statement, Leave of Absence, Friends of Cook Memorial Library, and Petitions and Information Material policies with no changes and the Fiscal Policy, Overdue Library Materials, Interlibrary Loan, Internet Access and Use policies as revised.  Motion seconded by SP.  Passed by voice vote.

Friends of CML:  Next meeting on Tuesday, March 10th, 7:00 p.m.  AM mentioned Friends’ Chair, Donna Whipple’s memorandum, praising the Friends’ Board for their great work and reminding everyone that the March meeting will be the last with Jay in attendance.  Mary Cronin plans to attend.  AM intends to thank the Friends for the successful Cabin Fever Book Sale.  The trustees agreed with Ann that the Friends are a great asset.  AM wrote about the Cook Memorial Friends organization and all that they do in her Tamworth Column in the Conway Daily Sun.  Jay was most grateful for the $5,000 donation the Friends made to the library.

Building & Grounds:  Quality Insulation will try to finish the insulation job on Saturday, March 14.  Jay is preparing to tackle the repair of a rusty soap dispenser.

Technology:   Jay is leaving any new equipment decisions to Mary.  AM is grateful for the 8-9 public computers and appreciates finding them in good working order.

Public Comment:

Steve answered Jay’s question, that yes, the library’s proposed 2015 budget was approved by the selectmen.

Additional Comments:

Town Meeting begins at 7:00 PM.  Mike Lowrey hopes to get to Town Meeting by 8:00.  Mary Cronin plans to attend as well.  Continuing trustees thanked Carolyn Hemingway and Mike Lowrey for their great service as trustees.  This was their last board meeting.

Adjournment:   SP moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by CH.  Passed by voice vote.  Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Link, Recording Secretary


Next Meeting:  Monday, April 13, 2015, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

PDF of these minutes

Draft minutes of March 9, 2015 Board meeting
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