Here are the draft minutes from this week’s meeting:

April 13, 2015

Present: Trustees Anne Chant, Mary Beth Link, Ann McGarity, Skip Nason, George Plender, Sheryl Power, Allie Thompson; Library Director Mary Cronin;

Absent: Selectman Jim Hidden

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 6:01 PM.

Election of Officers:

Anne Chant submitted nominations for trustee positions as follows: Chairperson, Anne Chant; Vice Chair, Sheryl Power; Treasurer, Allie Thompson; Assistant Treasurer, George Plender; Recording Secretary, Mary Beth Link; Friends Liaison, Ann McGarity; Corresponding Secretary, Ann McGarity. In addition, the following committee appointments were submitted by Anne: Nominating Chair, Anne Chant, committee members Mary Beth Link, Sheryl Power; Personnel Chair, Sheryl Power, committee members Ann McGarity, Skip Nason; Policy Chair, Mary Beth Link, committee members Ann McGarity, Skip Nason; Technology Chair, Mary Beth Link, committee member Allie Thompson; Building and Grounds, George Plender; Finance Chair, George Plender, committee members Anne Chant, Allie Thompson; Long Range Planning, Anne Chant; Budget Chair, George Plender, committee members: all trustees. Approval of all board positions and committee appointments as submitted was passed by voice vote.

Approval of Draft Minutes: Approval of March 9, 2015 draft minutes as written was passed by voice vote.

Treasurer’s report:

1. March 2015 Financial Report:

Motion to accept March 2015 Financial Report made by AC, seconded by MBL. Passed by voice vote.

2. Unanticipated funds in February

Unrestricted donations                  32.00
FoCML donation for Jay’s party          270.00
Copies                                  50.00
NHHC grant                              250.00
Lost book donations                     10.00
Library sales                         17.00

TOTAL             $629.00

AC inquired about the NHHC grant. MC responded that monies went toward the program on Poor Houses and Town Farms. All but $13 from the $270 the Friends’ donation for Jay’s party was expended. AC will work with MC in providing receipt documentation. Motion to accept March 2015 unanticipated funds made by GP, seconded by SP. Passed by voice vote

Correspondence: Thank you notes from Jay and Patti were passed around to read. MBL read Jay’s aloud. It was agreed that unspent funds ($55) collected for Jay from trustees should go toward a gift certificate from Amazon. AC will see to this.

Old Business: None.

Library Director’s Report:

      1. New library credit card has been received and activated. MC will cancel the old card once everything is switched over to new card.
      1. Outreach & Collaboration: Amy collaborated with the Tamworth Historical Society to present the NHHC program on Poor Houses and Town Farms on April 1 (rescheduled from March 25); Mary made two deliveries to Remick Acres, and James one; Mary met with John Wacker about Tamworth 250th.
      1. Planning has begun for Oral History project in cooperation with THS. AM is part of the Tamworth Historical Society and is interested in what the library plans to do for the 250th celebration. MC will share her notes with AM from her meeting with John Wacker. First, people will need to be identified for interviewing. Volunteer training would follow. The library will be branding its activities for the celebration.
      1. Mary is writing several grants for One Book, One Valley, the largest from the Humanities Council. FoCML will be fiscal agent again this year. Euphoria by Lily King has been selected. The New York Times named this title one of the top ten books for 2014. It was also chosen for the 2014 New England Book Award. A fictionalized account of Margaret Mead’s field trip to New Guinea, this will be the 10th One Book, One Valley selection. Mary Catherine Bateson, Mead’s daughter, may be part of the program.
      1. Northern New Hampshire Library Cooperative annual meeting held at CML on April 6th. Ann McGarity and Mary Cronin represented CML. No changes to By-laws or Policies; will ask North Conway Public Library if interested in joining cooperative. An upgrade to the online catalog is in the works. It is hoped that the upgrade will provide better functionality.
      1. Mary has updated website. Some pages will need to be rebuilt, e.g. the library policy pages, which are currently not showing.

New Business:

      1. Assigning Trustee Signatories for Northway account: Allie Thompson (Treasurer), George Plender (Assistant Treasurer), and Anne Chant (Board of Trustees Chair) will have signatory rights. Mary needs to bring the meeting minutes documenting the election of officers to the bank. In the meantime, Bookkeeper Jill Lavoie will be running checks tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14). George Plender, who remains a signatory, will be on hand to sign the checks tomorrow evening (or Wednesday morning). Anne will provide backup if necessary. George will also sign the checks in two weeks in Allie’s absence.
      1. NHLTA conference May 18; NHLTA membership renewals: Mary will see to the New Hampshire Library Trustees Association membership for both new and continuing trustees. The 2015 conference for new trustees takes place May 18, registration deadline May 4. Trustees should let Mary know if they plan on attending, so that she can take care of the registration fees. AM will inform MC in the next couple of days if she will attend. MC mentioned that the presentations are recorded and can be acquired through ILL. Also, should trustees wish to sign up, NHLTA maintains a listserv.
      1. Dispute over invoice from Tri-State Fire Protection: In the past, the library has had fire inspections performed by Interstate Fire Protection out of Conway. Last year they charged $88. In February, while Jay was still working in the library, an invoice from Tri-State Fire Protection in Hudson was received in the amount of $626. Mary has both written and emailed the company that the library will not be paying this invoice. The Town of Tamworth signed a contract with this company for all town department fire inspections. The library was not notified, nor have they received any fire inspection report. No one knows who was tending the library the day of the inspection. Jay specifically noted in her files not to hire this company because of their excessive charges. Mary believes, and the trustees concur, that the town should be responsible for paying this invoice, as the library did not contract with them, nor did the library allow for this expenditure in the budget. AM wondered if the Better Business Bureau had any information on this company. She also questioned why the town’s official fire inspections are not simply carried out by the Tamworth Fire Department at no further cost to the town. Trustees advised that further discussion with town administrators and library liaison selectman, Jim Hidden, is needed.
      1. Phone number corrections on Trustee list: Allie Thompson, change from 8565 to 8465; Sheryl Power, change from 733 to 323.

Committee Reports:

Personnel: None.

Policy: None.

Friends of CML: Next meeting on Tuesday, May 12. AM reported that the March Cabin Fever book sale brought in $800 and the silent auction an additional $300. The Friends are still looking for plants for their perennial sale scheduled for May 30. AM believes Diane Robinson is the person to contact for plant donations. There will also be a raffle. So far there are great plant related prizes available, but other prizes, plant related or not, are being solicited. AM will plan to bring raffle tickets for purchase to the next trustee meeting.

Building & Grounds: Quality Insulation installed spray foam insulation in attic on Thursday, March 26; finished up the job on Wednesday, April 8. GP believes this concludes the insulation project and relayed that Larry Nickerson, town buildings and grounds supervisor, seemed pleased with the results. GP is happy to have the insulation in place, not only for heat conservation, but also for fire safety. He intends to ask the fire chief to perform a thermal energy test. Quality Insulation will be paid in full and then they will cut a separate check for the library in payment for damage caused to books from water spillage. Last year’s lawn reseeding did not take, so further work needs to be done. AM inquired about where the Friends perennial plant sale should be set up, and both she and GP thought the road, blocked off with cones as was done last year, was the best option. GP will be checking the state of the air conditioners at the back of the library. He plans to work with Larry Nickerson on the possible construction of a shelter for the air conditioners to better protect them from rain and snow. Blossoms from the many daffodil bulbs that GP planted last year, running from the Other Store and along the riverbank, should begin showing up. MC informed GP that the “clock guy” from Goffstown called her and, because he is unavailable for the next couple of months, suggested some ways that GP and Larry might get the clock working again. He believes that the problem could be related to the back up power supply rather than the fuse. Other possibilities for a clock repair person were discussed. SP thought there might be someone in Moultonborough; both GP and MC knew of a Madison resident (Bill) that might be able to help. MC will try to contact him. Carpet cleaning will be scheduled for end of April/early May. Disaster Plan will need to be updated in May.

Technology: Tech Tuesday help (2-4 pm or by appointment) is seeing a lot of activity. Mary replaced ethernet switch to gigabit model. She will be purchasing a digital recorder for the Oral History project. Mary will review existing technology equipment, software and back ups, and will bring recommendations/plan for making upgrades within 2015 budget to the May meeting. MC believes the library needs a better back up system and hopes to gain some helpful information from the New Hampshire Library Association IT meeting she’ll be attending on Tuesday. MC and AM spoke about WebEx, an online meeting product that could prove useful for the oral history project.

Public Comment: None.

Adjournment: SP moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by SN. Passed by voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 7:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Link, Recording Secretary


Next Meeting: Monday, May 11, 2015, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

Trustees Meeting, 4/13/15
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