May 11, 2015 – 6:00 PM @ LIBRARY

Present: Trustees: Anne Chant, Ann McGarity, Allie Thompson, Sheryl Power, George Plender, Skip Nason. Library Director: Mary Cronin, Selectman: Jim Hidden.

A.    Call to order: 6:03 p.m.

B.   Draft Minutes of April 13, 2015: In treasurer’s report, under unanticipated funds, it should read month        of March instead of April. Motion to accept amended draft minutes made by Skip Nason and seconded by George Plender.

C.   Treasurer’s Report:

  1. April 2015 Financial Report: Under Library Materials , allocations will be different next month after Mary Cronin talks to bookkeeper. Motion to accept treasurer’s report as written made by Skip Nason and seconded by Sheryl Power. Passed by a voice vote.
  2. Unanticipated funds received in April 2015. Skip Nason moved to accept and Anne Chant seconded it. Passed by a voice vote.

Unrestricted donations               $100.00
Copies                                           $45.00
Lost book donations                     $25.00
Library sales                                  $23.00
Total                                            $193.00

D.   Correspondence: NH Department of Justice – Seminar information received for trustees of trust funds, cemetery and library. Sessions will take place in May and June. Allie Thompson, treasurer will try to attend.

E.   Old Business: Allie Thompson signed signatory on library bank account.

F.   Library Director’s Report:

  1. Soil test for front lawn has been sent to Cooperative Extension. Results not in yet.
  2. Outreach & Collaboration: Mary met with Tamworth Historical Society about oral history project, and Friends of Cook Memorial Library about upcoming plant sale on May 30. Plant donations are welcome. Volunteer delivered box of books to Remick Acres, plus 4 home deliveries.
  3. Cellar Hole Gang met twice to survey cellar holes in town, will continue to meet informally to collect information. About 12 people were in attendance. Plans for tabulating and making information available for researchers and local residents are being worked out.
  4. Mary will work with George and Larry to arrange for furnace cleaning and air conditioning inspections to be completed before summer.
  5. Mary will arrange for carpet cleaning before summer season.
  6. Mary will attend NHLTA conference on May 18 with Ann McGarity. Ann received a scholarship to attend the conference. Mary will attend a NELA-ITS workshop “Reboot Your Library Website” in Portsmouth on June 5.
  7. Software update was done last week for Koha.
  8. Mary is looking into HTTPS for library website and on-line catalog.
  9. Mary will meet with Kate Thompson and Marion Posner from Chocorua library to work on oral history project for Tamworth 250th celebration.
  10. Mary will be on vacation July 5- 11.
  11. Mary is working on policies, putting them into PDF’s.

G.   New Business: Invoice for Tri- State Fire Protection inspection will be paid by town. Skip Nason inquired about procedure for displaying art in library.

H.   Committee Reports:

  1. Personnel: Mary reviewed staff expenditures so far this year; on track as long as schedules remain consistent with budgeted hours. Molly will be leaving at the end of the school year; plan to hire new library page this summer. Amy is asking the school for names of possibilities. Grace Harte will work July and August.
  2. Policy: Policy committee will meet in late June to review seven policies and prepare draft revisions for July meeting.
  3. Friends of CML: next meeting is on Tues, May 12th.Plant sale and calendar raffle will take place on Saturday, May 30th. Perennial donations are needed. George will speak to Dan Poirier about using small portion of road in front of library for plant sale rather than lawn.
  4. Building & Grounds: lawn will be worked on after soil report comes back from state. Heat and air conditioning will be serviced by Gary Gagnon. Clock repairman contacted. He recommended checking battery backup initially. Potential project being considered is elevated catwalk in attic going from furnace room to bell tower.
  5. Technology: Mary discussed proposed technology expenditures for remainder of 2015. Ann McGarity suggested possibility of using video conferencing at library in order for people out of town to participate in various group meetings.

I.   Public Comment

J.   Adjournment: 7:15 p.m. Motion to adjourn made by George Plender and seconded by Skip Nason.

Next Meeting:

Monday, June 8, 2015, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Sheryl Power
Secretary pro tem

Library Trustees May 11, 2015 minutes
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