20150704_094824Thank you to all the runners, walkers, and volunteers! What a fun way to celebrate Independence Day. And, working together we raised over $1,700 for your library!

Thanks to Tamworth Lyceum and the Tamworth Distillery and Mercantile for donating bandannas for each race participant.

Results from the July 4th Ordination Rock Family Day 5K Race. (* indicates new race record)

Adult Female Runner (race record 21:10:00)

1st           Wendy Memishian          21:26
2nd          Julie Menosky                   21:55
3rd           Morissa Sobelson            23:10

Adult Male Runner (race record 16:41:00)

1st           Claes Thelemarck             18:58
2nd          John Bobiak                        19:41
3rd           Henn Jameson                  19:43

Adult Female Walker (race record 40:21:00)

1st           Amy Semmes                    44:34
2nd          Deb Maille                          49:33
3rd           Marsha Colcord                49:36

Adult Male Walker (race record 41:50:00)

1st           Cal Carpenter                    38:09 *
2nd          Erik Gustafson                   47:47
3rd           Charlie Townsend            49:34

Teen Female Runner (race record 22:19:00)

1st           Mariela D’Alessandro     21:54 *

Teen Male Runner (race record 18:33:00)

1st           Eli Misavage                       20:25
2nd          Mark Sprague                    21:41
3rd           Michael Bowles                 21:56

Teen Female Walker (race record 47:47:00)

1st           Marie Gammond             57:34

Youth Female Runner (race record 25:08:00)

1st           Gabriella Bobiak               27:56
2nd          Faye Burke                         29:44
3rd           Tatyana Schmidt               29:52

Youth Male Runner (race record 25:00:00)

1st           Wesley Loughran             32:30
2nd          William Swift                      36:50
3rd           Cyrus Robinson                 41:55

5K results!