Susan Lirakis art exhibitPhotographer Susan Lirakis has hung an exhibition of a work in progress entitled, “Our Hearts’ Desires: Kindred Spirits Telling Our Stories.” This exhibit will be on display at the library through the end of October.

Artist’s statement:

“This series is a collection of portraits of people living life in accordance with certain beliefs they hold or experiences they have had, and is accompanied by their stories. The work allows me not only to witness soul stories and how they are being lived, but also to self-reflect. Every thing we do and see is a mirror of our self.  With these images, I explore how we come to be where we are, what sustains us, where our dreams originate, and how we come to listen.

I am continually amazed with and appreciative of our stories, of how we have come to be where we are, of how we can sustain ourselves physically and spiritually in our world. What feeds us? Where do our dreams come from? How did we come to listen? When we examine these dreams, they often have roots in a vision, event, or feeling from long ago. It may have been a small seed planted unnoticed until much later. It could have grown quite organically and unfolded in a natural manner. Or it may lie dormant until some catastrophic event forces us to make different choices. Whatever it may be, I am here to enjoy and record these people and their dreams, to listen and learn, and to grow.”

Photo exhibit “Our Hearts’ Desires”
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