January 18, 2016


Present: Trustees Anne Chant, Mary Beth Link, George Plender, Sheryl Power, Allie Thompson; Library Director Mary Cronin; Selectman Steve Gray; Absent: Ann McGarity, Skip Nason

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 4:31PM.

Approval of Draft Minutes: MC pointed out a correction to be made under LIBRARY DIRECTOR’S REPORT, No. 7, second sentence. Delete the words “is involved with” and replace with “has been informed of.”  Sentence should read: “She is currently on the New Hampshire Library Association Executive Board, and as such, has been informed of three pieces of library-focused legislation.” Motion to approve December 14, 2015 draft minutes as amended made by AT, seconded by GP. Passed by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. December 2015 Financial Report

AT mentioned that the Interest Income of $1,046.76, which appears on the last page of the Profit & Loss Budget Performance under Other Income, will be moved to its proper place at the beginning of the report under Income, Trust Fund Income, on next month’s financial report. Motion to accept December 2015 Financial Report made by GP, seconded by MBL. Passed by voice vote.

  1. 2. Anticipated funds in December

Interest from library trusts held by Trustees of the Trust Funds – $1,046.76.

  1. 3. Unanticipated funds in December

Unrestricted donations                $294.05
Copies                                        $105.00
Library sales                                $23.00
Lost item fees                             $38.28
TOTAL                                         $460.33

Motion to accept unanticipated funds made by AT, seconded by GP. Passed by voice vote.


  1. Letter from Tamworth Trustees of Trust Funds accompanying check for interest earned 12/1/14-11/30/15 (see above).
  1. Letter accompanying Malfer Foundation grant for $500 (deposited in January 2016).

Old Business

  1. LCHIP report: The library’s report to the New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program was accepted, but it was pointed out that sprayed insulation is irreversible, so does not fit within the program’s acceptable parameters. However, since the spray covers such a small area, we were given a pass. Any future building projects, such as roof replacement slated for 2017, must be approved in advance in order to have access to available grants. Grants received through this program are on file in the library.
  1. Trustees’ terms of office: Three positions have reached term (George Plender, Mary Beth Link, Sheryl Power). Sheryl Power is applying for another three-year term, so only two new trustees are needed. MBL believes the town office filing deadline for application is January 20. Current trustees are encouraged to think of possible candidates.

Library Director’s Report:

  1. Programs: December was busy, including open house/potluck (82 people) and Brett School band concert (32 including band members). Ed Parsons presented a hiking slideshow (19 attended), Louise Wrobleski organized an art workshop with instructor Bill Kasuli (18 attended). Amy had four storytimes in December, with combined attendance of 62.
  1. Tamworth 250th: Oral Histories (Tamworth Stories): Mary will hold a training workshop for interviewers and recording volunteers on January 19 at 5:30 pm. This is open to all. She has developed an instruction sheet for the recording equipment. Training on the actual interviewing process will be given at a later date. Lego Build, Tamworth Village: Staff put the recently donated Legos to use, asking public to come build replicas of Tamworth Village buildings out of Legos. This project is still underway. Also, the library is cooperating with Arts Council, collecting sketches from public for their 250th mosaic mural project.
  1. Outreach & Collaboration: Several home deliveries were made, and James and volunteer Lorraine Streeter continue to refresh supply of paperbacks in Remick Acres’ community room. Amy read at a Brett School family night. Brett School Chorus performed at the library’s open house on Dec. 15, and Brett School Band performed on Dec. 18. Mary brought donated children’s science-themed books to Brett School for teachers’ classrooms or the library.
  1. Statistics: Mary has compiled year-end statistics and updated the year-to-year comparative statistics sheet. 2015 was busy with visits (up 9% over 2014) and programs (17% more program events, 30% more people attending than 2014). Circulation was down about 4% from previous year. Trustees congratulated Mary on the continued good work of the library. The NH State Library has started collecting data for the NH Public Library Annual Report. Mary has already completed and submitted the information.

New Business:

  1. Selectmen’s decision on 2016 budget: Public hearing on budget is scheduled for February 11 at 6:00 pm at Town Office. All trustees are encouraged to attend. Wage adjustments ($2,274) may be broached again, though the bottom line of the proposed 2016 budget going before selectmen does not include this figure. The warrant article for library funds will probably need to be flagged for conversation. This would involve an amendment on the floor at town meeting. AC agreed to step up once she is equipped with all the information. AT volunteered to help. A reminder about the library’s amendment to decrease the 2014 town appropriation might be helpful. Also suggested was a talk with Chris Canfield, town moderator, about how best to proceed.
  1. Items for 2015 Annual Report for Town Report: MC listed items included–Director’s Report (submitted for review), 2016 Proposed Budget showing 2014 and 2015 Budget vs. Actual, 2015 Balance Sheet of accounts held by Library Trustees.
  1. Report on 2015 funds to carry over to 2016; how to handle unexpended balance. Trustees agreed that the trust fund income of $1046.76 should be added to the 666.31 Fromm fund balance and the $646.82 Chiaradonna fund balance for a total carryover of $2,360. This change reduces the town appropriation commitment from $140,880 to $139,832 (numbers rounded). Questions arose about what funds lapse to the town’s general fund and which do not. Trustees agreed to wait for the January 31 financial accounting to see what unexpended funds remain and will discuss at the February 8 meeting. In the meantime, MC will speak to town personnel about how reimbursements are made, by check or by reducing quarterly appropriation installment.

Committee Reports:

Personnel: (Held over from December meeting) Personnel Committee met with Mary to review Director’s evaluation and goals for 2016. SP reported that evaluations by staff and trustees for the Library Director were good to very good. SP read aloud Mary’s goals for 2016 as follows:

  1. Continue making collections more accessible. This will involve improving shelf organization, signage, cataloging, training for public and staff, and publicity. The collections are a major asset of this library.
  2. Begin inventory of the collection.
  3. Work with library and town committees and citizens to celebrate Tamworth’s 250th anniversary. Use this opportunity to highlight library’s historical collections. Ensure that any project involving the library is documented and preserved in our archive.
  4. Improve navigation of website.
  5. Continue to learn about the Tamworth community. Identify underserved populations, and work with staff, volunteers, and community to initiate contact.
  6. Encourage Board of Trustees to begin work on a new strategic plan; offer guidance and help as needed.

Though a new strategic plan seemed a bit daunting to some, MC explained that once you have a plan in place and break tasks down over a nine-month period or so, things come together. The previous plan will be reviewed to start.

MC felt the self-evaluation form did not align very well with her job description and should be revised accordingly. She would like the trustees to investigate pension benefits for her full-time position. AC will speak with Cassandra in the town office to see if she has current information on the New Hampshire Retirement System.

Policy: (Held over from December meeting) The Policy Committee met in December to review five policies. MC distributed revisions to the trustees before the December meeting. MBL went over changes: II.K. Subcontractors (no changes), IV.C.2. Meeting Room Use (no changes), V.A. Disaster Preparedness (change to clarify that the “disaster plan” refers to the “Disaster Plan Notebook”), V.B. Health & Safety Requirements (change to clarify that the “disaster plan” refers to the “Disaster Plan Notebook” and further changes to simplify some wording), and V.C. Maintenance Responsibility (removal of an errant “and,” though MBL did have questions about “weekly, annual and long-range guidelines” for the maintenance of the library, mentioned in this policy). Two policies that are not due for review but have been found to conflict with each other are II. D. Conditions of Employment (2013) and IV. C. 1. Hours of Service (2015). Trustees reached consensus that the later, 2015 revision was preferred. It states “If the library doesn’t open or closes early due to inclement weather, the staff will be paid for the hours they were normally scheduled to work on that day.” When next the Policy Committee meets, they will decide where this particular policy segment should appear, though in looking at other NH library policies, “Personnel Policy” seems the best fit. The standing committee still needs to review three more policies, including job evaluations, and library forms.

Friends of CML: Next meeting on January 19, 2016.

Building & Grounds: (Held over from December meeting) Larry Nickerson and Mary Cronin did a building inspection on Dec. 4 as part of the LCHIP report. A draft of this report was included with documents distributed for the November meeting. Elevator inspection took place December 11. FoCML purchased a new dehumidifier for the Annex, which works well. They plan to run it once a month or so in the winter. Mice continue to be caught in our trap, but with less frequency than earlier in the fall. (New) LCHIP report was received and accepted, with stipulation that they approve any future insulation projects, and a reminder that the same goes for planned roofing project (as mentioned above).

Public Comment: None.

Adjournment: AT moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by GP. Passed by voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Link, Recording Secretary

Next Meeting: MONDAY, February 8, 2016, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

Trustees Meeting Minutes, January 18, 2016
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