February 8, 2016

Present: Trustees Anne Chant, Mary Beth Link, Skip Nason, George Plender, Sheryl Power, Allie Thompson; Library Director Mary Cronin; Selectman Steve Gray; Absent: Ann McGarity

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM.

Approval of Draft Minutes: Motion to approve January 18, 2016 draft minutes as written made by AT, seconded by SP. Passed by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. January 2016 Financial Report

MC pointed out that next month’s report will correctly state the Carry Over figure of $2,360 (agreed upon at trustees’ January 2016 meeting), rather than the $1,312 currently shown on Page 1. This reduces the Town Appropriation line to $139,832. Total Income line will remain at $154,867. Motion to approve January 2016 Financial Report made by SN, seconded by GP. Passed by voice vote.

  1. Anticipated funds in January

Friends of CML                                   $   4,415.00
Malfer grant                                 500.00
Library sales                                      8.00
Copier/Fax fees                                10.00
Town Appropriation                    35,034.75
TOTAL ANTICIPATED            $ 39,967.75

  1. Unanticipated funds in January

Unrestricted donations            $ 1,075.00
Conscience jar donation                    2.00

A generous donation of $1,000 was received and two others totaling $75, all very appreciated. Motion to accept unanticipated funds made by MBL, seconded by SP. Passed by voice vote.

Correspondence: New Hampshire Library Trustees Association Newsletter.

Old Business: 2015 unexpended fund balance.

In regard to the end-of-year Profit & Loss statement distributed for this meeting, MC is going to ask bookkeeper Sheena Harte about the Net Ordinary Income figure of $2,516 on Page 3. MC believes it erroneously includes the Trust Fund Income, $1,046.76, recorded on Page 1. If this is the case, the Net Ordinary Income figure should be $1,469. After discussion by trustees, SN made motion to return surplus of $1,469 to Town of Tamworth. Motion was seconded by AT and passed by voice vote. MC intends to attach check to draft minutes of this meeting and forward to town office. When requesting subsequent quarterly appropriations from the town, MC will include in her letter a reduction in health insurance costs, as appropriate.

Library Director’s Report:

  1. Programs: Amy has arranged for a six-week Music for Babies program taught by Mountain top Music Center’s Sharon Novack beginning on Feb. 8. This is in response to many babies at recent story times; funding is from Susan Chiaradonna memorial fund for kids. If there is a good response, Amy will consider adding a baby-specific story time program. January programs included Clean Cooking with Nicole Nordlund, cosponsored by TCNA, an artist’s reception hosted by Jay Rancourt for her Jan.-Feb. art exhibit, and a talk on Hawaii by Courtney Spalding-Mayer. All programs were well attended. Paul King will be presenting a program on saving seeds on February 10; Sarah Wright will present on personality typing on February 24. We will hold our first cookbook book club on Feb. 26.
  1. Tamworth 250th: Library staff has been working on several projects, many in cooperation with other town organizations. These include: Tamworth Stories, 3 meetings to go over logistics and identify stories we’d like to record; Tamworth Traditional Arts Fest on Jan. 30, we were there; Lego Build: Tamworth Village, a fun and growing project; Tamworth 250th Art Show: now titled “Off Our Walls: Tamworth Art with a Story.” We’re contacting people who have art we’d like to include in show. We placed a ¼ page ad in the Tamworth 250th commemorative booklet. Our Genealogy and History collection is getting a lot of use due to the 250th. Chris has been a valuable resource for connecting people with local history information.
  1. Outreach & Collaboration: See Tamworth 250th, above. Several home deliveries were made. Amy has contacted local YMCA and Rec. Director Parker Roberts about getting Squeaky Sneakers program back to Tamworth.
  1. Collections: We have moved the graphic novels and nonfiction to their own sections, one for children’s books, one for teen and adult books. This is in response to patron suggestions. Peggy did most of this work, and got it done in a short amount of time.
  1. Statistics: Mary submitted the NH Public Library Annual Report to the State Library.

New Business:

  1. Trustee openings on town ballot; write-in candidates; appointments to fill empty seats after town meeting. MC distributed an email to trustees previous to this meeting, which outlined the various approaches for filling vacant positions. Three 3-year positions are up for election. Sheryl Power will run for one of these positions, leaving two for write-in candidates. There is also a 1-year position open, to complete Ann McGarity’s term. Recruits are needed. AC received the go-ahead to put a plea on The Tamworth Exchange. The Exchange was also thought to be a good place to publicize write-in names when identified.
  1. Town Budget Hearing: February 11 at 6 pm at town office. MC, AC, SN, and MBL plan to attend. MC will draw together some documentation for wage adjustment requests. MC’s pension possibilities still need to be looked into for future action.
  1. Town Meeting: March 9, K.A. Brett School. 7:00 PM is thought to be the starting time.
  1. A gift of appreciation for Ann McGarrity’s good work on the board and as Friends liaison was thought well deserved and was agreed upon.

Committee Reports:

Policy:  Policies reviewed at January meeting have been updated on the website. MC will check her schedule and send some after-4:00 pm possible February dates to MBL and SN to schedule a meeting to review policies last reviewed in 2013, as well as policy-related forms.

Technology: Plan a meeting in the not-too-distant future to go over purchases for 2016.

Friends of CML: Next meeting is March 8 at 7:00 pm. The Cabin Fever Book & Bake Sale is scheduled for March 5, plant sale for June 4, and annual meeting/lunch on September 24.

Building & Grounds: No report. Mild winter means few problems.

Public Comment: None.

Adjournment: SN moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by AT. Passed by voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 7:12 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Link, Recording Secretary

Next Meeting: Monday, March 14, 2016, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

Trustees Meeting Minutes, February 8, 2016
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