hatsSteve Kull’s collection of hats from around the world will be on exhibit at the library in March and April.

See photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tamworthlibrary/tags/kull/

Steve’s description of the exhibit: “The hats that are on display today are part of my larger collection of … “HATS!” I have collected these hats because they interest me in many specific ways and I just seem to like collecting things that are meaningful (to me, at least). For the fun of it. You’d be surprised where you can pick things up … friends and family, garage sales, junk bins … the dump. I also have collections of art, and books, and bolo ties and four-in-hand ties, for instance. How many of you know what a four-in-hand, and a single or double windsor is? Or a bolo tie? How does it make you feel if you do or don’t know the answer to that question? If your answer is ‘no’ are you encouraged to find out and expand your knowledge?

You probably already have a collection of something at home. Rocks, coins, stamps, or arrowheads, for instance. You don’t need a lot of items to start a collection. Even one or two of whatever interests you will do it. I find hats interesting because they are artistic, ethnic, useful, historical, fanciful and fashionable, fun, etc., and you can wear them, too. Can’t beat that!”

“Hats!” on exhibit in March and April
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