March 14, 2016

Present: Trustees, Anne Chant (Chair), Linda Bittner, Robin Gordon, Skip Nason (SWN), Sheryl Power, Allie Thompson; Library Director Mary Cronin; Selectman Steve Gray; guests Mary Beth Link and Sharon Nothnagle

Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 6:03 PM.

Introductions and welcome new Trustees:

Continuing trustees and new trustees (Linda Bittner, Robin Gordon, and soon-to-be new trustee Sharon Nothnagle) introduced themselves and were welcomed by Chairperson Anne Chant.

Appointment of Officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Board Liaison to the Friends of Cook Memorial Library:

Due to the short time between town meeting and the March library board meeting, appointments have been postponed until the April 11, 2016 meeting. Nominating Committee (Anne Chant and Sheryl Power) will be meeting to discuss possible appointments. Trustees were encouraged to consider what roles they may like to take on. Open positions include: Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Liaison to the Friends. Committee appointments include: Policy (two positions, including chair, which may be filled by Skip Nason); Technology (one position); Personnel (one position, Sheryl Power is current chair); Finance (one position to be filled by Asst. Treasurer). All trustees are members of the Budget Committee, which meets in October to discuss the budget for the next calendar year. The Personnel Committee meets as needed (e.g., new hires), and in the fall during evaluation periods. The Policy Committee meets two to three times per year; individual policies are reviewed every three years. Technology meets once a year, usually in spring. Anne will contact Ann McGarity to see what, if any, responsibilities she covered as Corresponding Secretary and will let Robin know. Robin may also be interested in becoming the Friends liaison. The Friends meet the second Tuesday, every other month at 7:00 PM. Meetings run one to one and a half hours with a set agenda. Skip is looking into wage equity, so may be a contender for the Personnel Committee, as may Linda Bittner, who has a background in personnel. Trustees should call or email Anne Chant with their thoughts and questions concerning appointments.

Approval of Draft Minutes: SWN moved to approve draft minutes of February 8, 2016 and special meeting March 2, 2016 draft minutes. Motion seconded by AT. Passed by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. February 2016 Financial Report

Motion to approve February 2016 Financial Report made by SWN, seconded by SP. Passed by voice vote.

  1. Anticipated funds in February

Library sales                                  $ 33.00

Copier/Fax fees                             45.50

TOTAL anticipated                       $ 78.50


  1. Unanticipated funds in February

Conscience jar donations                  8.00

TOTAL unanticipated        $   8.00

Motion to accept anticipated and unanticipated funds made by SWN, seconded by SP. Passed by voice vote.


  1. NH Retirement System information packet: AC and MC are reviewing retirement information for library director position.
  1. Tamworth Village Association notice of special meeting on Saturday, March 26 at 3 PM at the library: Tamworth Village Association covers the sewer and septic system. The library was not billed last year. SG believes this meeting is for association membership approval. The library has one vote, and MC plans to attend. Last year there was a problem with the septic system. SWN thought it would be a good idea to have the septic system checked.
  1. AC passed around the latest newsletter from the NHLTA (New Hampshire Library Trustees Association), detailing the 2016 spring conference and annual meeting. The library picks up the fees for trustees’ membership and registration for any conferences they would like to attend. Board members should begin receiving the newsletter in the mail. NHLTA provides information on their website and offers informative sessions.

Old Business:

A check for $1,469, the 2015 unexpended fund balance (i.e. left over monies), was dropped off at town office on March 4, 2016. AT congratulated everyone on the professional and well-prepared presentation at town meeting, resulting in wage adjustments for two employees.  SG was thanked for speaking to both sides of the issue. The board is grateful for the warmth and support the library receives from the townspeople.

Library Director’s Report:

  1. Programs: After a very small response, Amy has cancelled the Music for Babies program. Mountain Top Music Center will reimburse us for four cancelled classes. February’s programs included Saving Seeds presented by Paul King and personality typing presented by Sarah Wright. We had a good response to our first cookbook book club meeting. Storytimes, kids’ reading clubs, Lego Club, and adult book group continue to be popular and well attended. Summer Reading Program theme will be “On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!” Tamworth 250th: Plans for summer art show are moving forward. Mary has put together a kit and instructions for the digital recorder so people can borrow it to record oral histories as part of the Tamworth Stories project. One story has already been recorded.
  1. Outreach & Collaboration: Chris assisted a UMaine professor with an extensive research project on Marion Spaulding. An article will be published using many of the resources we provided. Mary attended a Psychological First Aid workshop hosted by Carroll County Coalition for Public Health (which centered on first responders and their help in seeing that available and relevant services are provided after a trauma). Several home deliveries were made.
  1. Technology: Mary bought a new printer/scanner/fax to replace HP which no longer scanned. New unit offers scan-to-email, which the old one didn’t have. What can/should we do with old outdated technology equipment? There are computers and printers that should be discarded. Mary wondered if there was some protocol to follow, as equipment was purchased with municipal funds. Trustees advised wiping hard drives, perhaps with help from Dennis Quinn, and offering any working equipment to The Community School. Otherwise, discarding outdated equipment that no longer works shouldn’t be an issue. Mary had several appointments for tech help in the past month.
  1. Staff: Staff meeting was held on March 8, plans for summer staffing and inventory were discussed.
  1. Because the Friends will not be sponsoring a float in this year’s July 4 parade, the staff has been discussing alternatives. The 5K race is both people and time consuming, and the parade route is quite long for a group walk. A group bike ride was suggested.
  1. On March 30, Mary will be attending Department of Labor training dealing with the important issue of labor laws.
  1. Mary needs to call the library security company (Lakeside in Freedom) and provide them with a list of library key holders and individuals with the security code. Previous trustee, George Plender, has returned his key and has requested that he be taken off the list. Skip Nason has volunteered to be a holder, and Mary will provide a key. The library is able to change the code if necessary. Questions arose as to temperature drop alarms and gas/carbon monoxide alarming. Skip and Mary will need to check on these. A fire inspection was recently carried out.
  1. The library received a donation of three Willey Fromm woodcuts. Mary will complete paperwork for the donation. The artwork will need to be rematted using acid free materials.
  1. Mary noted that the library’s balance sheet did not appear in the town report. She will make sure it appears next year.

New Business:

  1. Recommend that Selectmen appoint Sharon Nothnagle for one-year term as Trustee: Anne Chant will send a short letter to the attention of the Town Clerk with recommendation. SG believes the selectmen need only provide signatures on the appropriate form. Selectmen meet next on March 24.
  1. Signatory changes for Northway Bank (Chair, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer): Anne and Allie currently have signatory rights as Chairperson and Treasurer, respectively. When the Assistant Treasurer is appointed at the April meeting, the minutes of that meeting will serve as a record for the bank to add the additional name.
  1. Tamworth Village Association meeting: (See above.) Mary will attend.

Committee Reports:

  1. Policy: Committee met on February 23 to review several policies and forms. Drafts of revisions, including tracked changes on policies, were distributed to Trustees before today’s meeting for review:

I.A. Governance: The Board of Library Trustee: (no changes)

I.B. Governance: Policy Revision: (no changes)

I.D.1. Governance: By-Laws: Membership: (no changes)

I.D.2. Governance: By-Laws: Officers, delegates, and committees: slight revision, including deletion of Publicity Committee, as this committee is not active. (Library director and staff oversee publicity.)

I.D.4. Governance: By-Laws: Duties of officers: (no changes)

IV.C.1. Hours of Service and II.D. Conditions of Employment: Hours of Service Section 2: “If the library doesn’t open or closes early due to inclement weather, the staff will be paid for the hours they were normally scheduled to work on that day” moved to II.D.Conditions of Employment, Section 5, under the more appropriate Personnel Policy. Earlier, conflicting revision deleted.

Meeting Room Use Application form (relates to IV.C.2.) and Hold Harmless form: Forms combined and reformatted to better reflect meeting room use.

Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials (relates to III.A.8.): Slight revision.

Volunteer Service Application form (relates to II.G.): Slight revision, including requirement for criminal background check.

Motion to accept revisions as written made by SWN, seconded by AT. Passed by voice vote.

I.D.3. Governance: By-Laws: Meetings: Questions arose as to meeting notices and meeting minutes, as stated in the recently reviewed policy. Upon closer examination and discussion, SWN made motion to amend policy by changing the word “notices” to “minutes” in Section B, first sentence. AT seconded the motion. Passed by voice. AT made motion to amend policy by adding a second sentence to Section A to read: “Meetings will be posted as required by law.” Motion seconded by SWN, passed by voice vote.

Trustees were encouraged to review policies. Robin suggested that it might be more helpful to review/revise policies by section rather than last date revised.

  1. Technology: Mary intends to call a meeting after Technology Committee has been appointed.
  1. Friends of CML: Mary attended Board meeting on March 8, where it was reported that a successful Cabin Fever Book & Bake Sale raised over $800. Plant sale and calendar raffle is planned for June 4; FoCML will not coordinate a library float for July 4th parade; FoCML will have a table at Street Fair planned for August 6 (same day as monthly book sale); annual meeting/lunch on September 24.
  1. Building & Grounds: Skip plans to meet with George Plender (former committee chair) to go over his role in overseeing the buildings and grounds. It’s time to get roof estimates (which need to hold firm until April 2017). Larry Nickerson, town building and grounds supervisor, has contacted Rodd Roofing with no response so far, but will try again. Mary wondered who provided roofing on the remodeled Tamworth Inn building. She also has the name of a company that does work on historic buildings that she will forward to Larry. The library is on the National Register of Historic Places, and as such, must abide by certain remodeling standards. LCHIP (Land and Community Heritage Investment Program) has to sign off on work, and a standing seam metal roof may not pass muster, unless there is good evidence that it is necessary or helpful.

Public Comment: SG commented on the favorable comments he has heard on the accessibility of library information.

Adjournment: SWN moved to adjourn meeting, seconded by RG. Passed by voice vote. Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Beth Link, Guest Recording Secretary

Next Meeting: MONDAY, April 11, 2016, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

Library Trustees meeting minutes March 14, 2016
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