April 11, 2016 – 6:00 PM @ LIBRARY

Present: Trustees: Anne Chant, Linda Bittner, Robin Gordon, Sharon Nothnagle, Allie Thompson, Sheryl Power; Skip Nason; Library Director Mary Cronin; Selectman Steve Gray.

A. Call to order: 6:05 PM

B. Appointment of Officers and Committees: Chair: Anne Chant, Vice Chair: Sheryl Power,  Corresponding Secretary: Linda Bittner, Treasurer: Allie Thompson, Assistant Treasurer: Sharon Nothnagle, Board Liaison to the Friends of Cook Memorial Library: Robin Gordon.  Committee appointments are:

Anne Chant: Budget, Nominating (chair), finance, long range planning; Sheryl Power: Budget, personnel (chair), nominating; Skip Nason: Building and grounds, budget (chair), policy (chair), technology, nominating; Allie Thompson, Budget, finance (chair) technology (chair); Robin Gordon: Budget, policy, personnel; Linda Bittner: Budget, personnel, finance; Sharon Nothnagle: Budget, policy. Motion to accept slate of officers and committee members as presented by Linda and seconded by Sharon. Passed by a voice vote.

C. Discussion re: hiring a Recording Secretary:  Discussed hiring a contracted person to perform this duty on a trial basis. Funds would be reallocated from budget and would cost about $360.00 per year. Mary will ask Darlene from town office about going rate for this type of position. Linda will contact possible candidate. Policy will need to be adjusted to reflect this potential change.  Motion to look into hiring a Recording Secretary was made by Skip and seconded by Robin. Motion passed with a voice vote.

D. Approval of Draft Minutes of March 14, 2016. Motion was made to accept the March minutes as written was made by Linda and seconded by Skip. Passed by a voice vote.

E. Treasurer’s Report:

  1. March 2016 Financial Report. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report as written was made by Skip and seconded by Sheryl. Motion passed by a voice vote.
  2. Anticipated funds in March

Library sales                          6.00
Copier/Fax fees                 103.00
Grant                                 233.00
LCHIP payment               200.00
Lost item fee                       17.00
Total anticipated             $559.00

  1. Unanticipated funds in March

Conscience jar donations                11.00
Memorial donation/Malenfant        25.00
Total unanticipated                       $36.00

Motion to accept anticipated and unanticipated funds made by Skip and seconded by Robin. Motion passed by a voice vote.

F. Correspondence: LCHIP incentive payment received, Stewardship Agreement expired June 4, 2015. No further reports needed.

G. Old Business:

  1. Tamworth Village Association meeting, March 26: Mary attended.
  2. NH Library Trustees Conference May 23 in Concord, registration deadline May 9. Robin and Allie will attend. Videos of conference will be posted on their website.
  3. NH Retirement System: eligibility form submitted.

H. Library Director’s Report:

  1. Programs: Adult programs in March included ones on Manners with Marion Posner, Kitchen Gardens, Old Burial Sites, 2 book groups. Children’s/Teens’ programs included 5 story times (one onsite at sugaring), 2 Lego Club meetings, and Bibliomaniacs book club for 12- to 14-year-olds.
  2. Outreach & Collaboration: Marion Posner of Chocorua Library has arranged to do several oral history interviews for Tamworth Stories project, Mary and volunteers will help with recording. Several staff members went and worked on the Arts Council of Tamworth 250th mosaic mural project.
  3. Technology: A Community Project to build a drone starts this month. Plans are for it to be hands-on collaborative learning opportunity for adults and kids 11 and up. A kit will be purchased and hopefully be ready for celebration at Behr farm for 250th
  4. Staff: Planning is underway for Summer Reading Program, 5K Race for July 4; 250th Art Exhibit and booklet; revisions to “If Walls Could Speak” book (FoCML to pay for reprinting) extra insurance for art exhibit for 250th will be secured.; Koha upgrade coming soon, staff training via webinar. Staff is considering ways to include library in July 4th parade. Discussion re: ideas for July 4th 5K race. Linda will ask White Mt. Milers if they would like to volunteer. She will secure a time clock, raffle donations and connect with Amy and Chris.

I. New Business:

  1. Signatory changes for Northway Bank: Chair, Anne Chant; Treasurer, Allie Thompson; Assistant Treasurer, Sharon Nothnagle.
  2. Northern NH Library Cooperative annual meeting, April 20, 2016, 10 a.m., Jackson Public Library, at least one Trustee and Director should attend. Mary will ask about rescheduling date to 4/27 so that Sharon can attend.
  3. New Trustees Orientation workshop: Saturday, June 18, Hooksett

J. Committee Reports:

    1. Technology: Mary prepared a draft technology budget purchasing plan for 2016, committee to meet soon.
    2. Nominating: The nominating committee met on Wednesday, April 6, to work on the new slate of officers and committee appointments.
    3. Friends of CML: Next meeting is on May 10. FoCML and Altrusa are collecting items for calendar raffle, which will be held in conjunction with June 4 plant sale.
    4. Building & Grounds: Larry Nickerson has contacted Iron Horse Roofing for roofing estimate and they came on 4/8 to look at the job. Waiting for an estimate from them. Steve Jacobs’s contract for yard maintenance was discussed and Mary will ask him if he has liability insurance and if not, is willing to get it. Skip walked around the building and noted some deficiencies that will be addressed.

K. Public Comment: None

L. Adjournment: 7:15 PM. Motion to adjourn was made by Skip and seconded by Robin. Passed by a voice vote.

Next Meeting: Monday, May 9, 2016, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheryl Power, Library Trustee

Library Trustees’ minutes, 4/11/2016
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