painting by Bob Burt Paintings by Robert Earl Burt will grace the library’s walls for the months of May and June. Burt has a home on Bennett Street in North Sandwich, and lives in the Plymouth area.

“I like acrylic because it dries fast!” Some of these paintings are from life, about half from photographs. He sketches them out, and then finishes in paint to suit his imagination.

“It all started when?” we asked.

“What happened: I used to keep saying to my wife – because she knew when I was young I used to draw and stuff – that I wanted to paint. At Christmas time in 1987 she gave me lessons to take with Robert Butler, the black artist who grew up in the Everglades who was self-taught. So that wouldn’t have happened without her. She’s the one. So that’s why they’re here.”

“My wife grew up in Sandwich on Red Hill. Her name was Joanne Marie Cook Burt.”

“And the reason she did it [gave him the lessons] is she knew that I liked his work and all the paintings that he had done of the Everglades. He just died a couple of years ago. I liked the artwork, which was done mostly in Florida. But I also like New England.”

“I came back from Florida to New England.”

In this cold April, we wondered why.

Burt said, “Oh, I came back to New England to die!”

He loves the atmosphere in Tamworth very much, and comes every weekend when possible. We thank Skip Nason for connecting us with Bob Burt for this show.

Art exhibit for May and June
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