Ham Radio operator

Members of the White Mountain Amateur Radio Club will present a talk on everything Amateur Radio on Wednesday May 25, at 7:00 PM at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth.

Amateur, also known as Ham, Radio is both a hobby and a service that is designed to help foster positive relationships through interest in electronics and radio communications. As a service Amateur Radio operators often serve their communities and provide radio communications during times of emergency, when other communications systems have either failed or are overburdened.

Another purpose of the Amateur Radio service is the advancement of radio communications technology through experimentation. Ham Radio is not just about talking short or long distances, or sending Morse code anymore. There are several new advancements in the hobby and new technology that is created, tested and utilized every day.

The White Mountain Amateur Radio Club is a group of men and women of all ages who meet together to learn more about the hobby. They also train for those times of emergencies by offering their services during public service events.

The presentation will explain the history of Amateur Radio, the many facets of the hobby and how to get started becoming a ham radio operator yourself. Following the presentation there will be a demonstration of how it all works and hopefully a long distance contact over radio waves. Please come and join us to learn more, you may even find yourself asking where you can take the test to start your adventure into the hobby!

Learn about Amateur (Ham) Radio May 25
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