MINUTES FOR June 13, 2016 – 6:00 PM @ LIBRARY

A.                Welcome and introduce Melissa Donaldson, new recording secretary/clerk
B.                 Call to order 6:03 pm. In attendance: Robin Gordon, Allie Thompson, Anne Chant, Linda Bittner, Sheryl Power, Sharon Nothnagle, Skip Nason, Library Director Mary Cronin, Steve Gray – Selectmen’s Representative.  Ruth Timchak is present on behalf of the Capital Improvements Program Committee.
New Business:

1.      CIP (Capital Improvement Program): members of the committee will attend today’s meeting to discuss library’s projects for CIP for 2017-2022, including roof project for 2017 warrant article, carpeting for CIP 2018, and exterior painting for 201?. Estimate for painting is available. Metal roofing estimates came in, Larry Nickerson has reviewed. $65600 is the estimate, and Larry had suggested that 10% be added, bringing the total to $72000. Lchip wants to be informed of any major changes to the building, Mary has done this and they are supportive of the proposed roofing. All Seasons Roofing may be approached for an estimate. A third estimate would be welcomed. Carpeting is scheduled for 2018, The carpet is in good shape. The estimate is from last year is $26000. This item is one that could be pushed back a little if needed.  Exterior painting – is not currently on the CIP but needs to be done. If the budget will allow, it needs to be done soon. Painting estimate is $5200. If done piecemeal, it could be in the budget rather than CIP. Furnaces and air conditioning are further out in the plans.

C.        Approval of Draft Minutes of May 9, 2016 . The second line says agenda, and it should say minutes. A motion to approve as corrected was made by Skip, seconded by Allie. APPROVED

D.        Treasurer’s Report:
1.                  May 2016 Financial Report. Page 3 there is a line item missing. (250th Book Sales). A motion to accept as submitted by Skip, seconded by Linda. APPROVED

2.                  Anticipated funds in May
Library sales                          1.00
Copier/Fax fees                   84.50
Lost item fee                       25.00
Total anticipated             $110.50
3.                  Unanticipated funds in May
Conscience jar donations                17.00
Total unanticipated                       $17.00

A motion to accept unanticipated funds was made by Sheryl, Robin seconded. APPROVED
E.         Correspondence: Letter from Saul O. Sidore Memorial Foundation announcing $25 donation/grant in memory of Jeff Malenfant. The gift has been acknowledged.

F.         Old Business:

1.      NH Retirement System: Contributions are 7% for Mary, 11.5% for Library. Can this be started with Mary contributing, then the library could budget for it? Anne will call and check on this. Robin suggests a conference call that includes Mary. Is this retroactive to when Mary was hired? Vesting period?

G.        Library Director’s Report:

1.      Programs: Adult programs in May included Steep Hikes presentation with Cristin Bailey; book launch for the Tamworth 250th anniversary commemorative book; a presentation on ham radio by the White Mountain Amateur Radio Club, and adult book group. Children’s/Teens’ programs included 3 story times, Bookworms book club for 7- and 8-year-olds and Bibliomaniacs book club for 12- to 14-year-olds.

2.      Outreach & Collaboration: We hosted the book launch for the 250th commemorative booklet. We have purchased a number of these booklets as well as the 250th cookbook to sell at the library. We are selling both books at cost, $2.50 each. Sales have been brisk. We lent folding chairs to the Mountain Top Music Center for the orchestra to use for its performance at Barnstormers on June 5. We lent our projector to Barnstormers for Priscilla Murray’s memorial service on June 4.

3.      Technology: The Community Project to build a drone is underway, progress is slow; interest is more peripheral than participatory. Interesting community conversations about technology, privacy, and state law have resulted from this project. Mary tried a demo wifi hotspot from T-Mobile, there was no signal of any kind at the library, so it was returned. The public and staff computers are nearly all updated to Windows 10.

4.      Staff: Mary is grateful for staff stepping in to cover her absence after eye surgery. Sophie Wilkinson has been hired as summer circulation assistant; Melissa Donaldson has been hired as recording secretary for the Board of Trustees. Mary will be on vacation the week of June 20. Staff is finalizing plans for Summer Reading Program; 5K Race for July 4; 250th Art Exhibit and booklet; July 4th parade.

H.        New Business: see above

I.          Committee Reports:
1.      Personnel: Committee met on May 28 to discuss hiring recording secretary and summer circulation assistant.
2.      Policy: Committee met on June 6 to review personnel policies. A joint meeting with personnel committee will be scheduled to review changes and job descriptions.
3.      Friends of CML: Next meeting is on July 12. FoCML (with Altrusa) had successful plant sale/raffle. $1406/$1981 in proceeds, split with Altrusa. There is an outlet for textbooks. Marge Clothier has a buyer for them.
4.      Building & Grounds: Larry Nickerson reviewed Iron Horse Roofing’s roofing estimate, feels that it is tight materials-wise, and recommends adding 10% contingency to warrant article in case more materials may be needed. Skip has communicated with Steve Jacobs regarding yard maintenance and insurance. What would it cost to add him as an employee for workers compensation purposes? Skip is working on an estimate for exterior painting, project may need to be added to CIP. Disaster Plan annual update will begin soon. Loose tiles on the ramp going down to the meeting room need to be glued down. Air conditioners need covers.

J.          Public Comment – None

K.        Allie and Robin attended the conference in Concord. It was well attended. Robyn has some information she will distribute once she has compiled it.

L.         Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Robin  at 7:30 pm. Seconded by  Skip . APPROVED

Next Meeting: Monday, July 11, 2016, Cook Memorial Library—6:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Donaldson

Recording Secretary

Library Trustees Minutes, 6/13/2016
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