mysterious fogA 1 Book 1 Valley program, everyone welcome.

Join us on Wednesday, October 5 at 7:00 pm at Cook Memorial Library for a talk on how a mountain rescue unfolds, how information is developed, how a rescue plan is built, and executed.

To tell this story the true life Herr/Batzer SAR mission on Mount Washington in January 1982 is the backdrop, a successful, but tragic mission that grabbed national headlines for a few days.  Told by Bill Kane, one of the Mountain Rescue Service team leaders on the mission.  One hour, Q&A session to follow.

Bill, a graduate of Gettysburg College, has been a member of the Mountain Rescue Service of NH since 1976 and was a Team Leader and Director for 20 yrs.  He has been a member and former chief, and current BOD VP, of Fryeburg Rescue since 1978 and is a Founding Director, and current President of the New Hampshire Outdoor Council.  Bill was also a Founding Director of the Outdoor Industries Association (formerly ORCA), NH Bureau of EMS (NHBEMS) I/C Mentor, NHBEMS Education Advisory Cabinet Representative, and a Special Instructor for the NHBEMS.  He was awarded the NH EMS Educator of the Year Award in 2012 and was Keynote Speaker at the International Mountain Rescue Association’s Conference in AZ in June 2013.

Anatomy of a Mountain Rescue
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