Cars in Havana, 2014On Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 7 pm, Erik Eisele will give a talk about three countries—Belize, Cuba and Peru—and the volunteer service and cultural exchange programs that took him there. His talk will include the highlights on working in these iconic destinations but also tackle the political and cultural tensions that exist at the intersection of volunteerism and international travel. From old Cuban cars to Machu Picchu and Belize’s barrier reef, Erik will show his pictures and share his experiences and insights. This program is designed not only for those considering using volunteerism as method of travel but for anyone interested in the wider world.

There are 1,000 ways to travel, from cruise lines to canoe, by foot or by train, car or by plane, in hostels or luxury hotels. But one of the best is through volunteerism: seeing the world while lending hands of service. Over the last three years local Conway Daily Sun columnist Erik Eisele has visited 16 countries on 22 separate international trips. He’s been to Armenia and the Republic of Georgia, South Africa and Mozambique, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, Mexico, France, Scotland, Iceland and more. Some trips have been recreational—for climbing, surfing, to see art and explore the world—but others were dedicated to volunteerism and cultural exchange.

Traveling the World as a Volunteer
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