One thing: keep a list!

So often when we ask for “best books” opinions at the end of the year, people say they wish they could remember what they’ve read or when they read it. This year, we challenge you to do one thing: keep a list. This will make conversations about reading that much richer. Wouldn’t you love to have a list to review at the end of the year? At the end of the decade?

How you keep your list is up to you. You can write books on your calendar, use an online tool like Goodreads, or if you’re a Kindle user, let Amazon keep the list for you. Use a plain notebook, a stack of scrap paper, craft an artful journal, or download and print this one.

Do this for you! You are welcome to share some of your favorite reads with us at the end of the year, but only if you want to.

Happy reading!


2017 Reading Challenge: one thing