Snowy Owl by Brent EadesOn Wednesday, February 8th at 7:00 the Cook Memorial Library will host Lynne Flaccus, naturalist and Stewardship Director at Chocorua Lake Conservancy, who will share information about owls with a focus on those species found in NH. She will discuss their unique adaptations and natural history.

As one of nature’s amazing “living mouse traps”, owls play an important role in our fields and forests even though we may not see or hear them much. Their special feathers, eyesight, and hearing serve them well as night time hunters. The program is designed for people of all ages, so come with questions and stories to share.

A follow up full moon Owl Prowl will happen on Friday February 10th at 5:30. We’ll meet at the small parking area at the intersection of Hemenway Road and Great Hill Road and will take a walk along the TOC trails to look and call for owls. The winter months are breeding and nesting seasons for many owls and they are often most vocal when humans tend to be inside around the fire! Be sure to wear warm layers, bring a flashlight, and snowshoes if you have them. We’ll take a short walk and along the way we’ll learn about owl eyesight as we test our own night vision. A “snow date” is planned for Saturday in case the weather is poor. The programs are free, but donations to Chocorua Lake Conservancy are welcome!

Learn about owls, then go outside to look for them