news magazinesThe media has been in the curious position of covering itself lately as questions arise about what news is true, what is hyperbole, and what is fake. Readers and information consumers are better served when they know where their news is coming from, and in this age of tailored news feeds, accessing opposing viewpoints or objective content is increasingly complex. In an attempt to give you the tools you need to be a discerning media consumer, we offer this list.

Articles that discuss digital literacy

Websites that teach digital literacy

Tools to use

  • Google Reverse Image search, Shows the places the same digital image has appeared online, potentially revealing where it first appeared and in what context.
  •, From their “About” page: “Unlike regular news services, AllSides exposes bias and provides multiple angles on the same story so you can quickly get the full picture, not just one slant.”


News and Information Literacy
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