ice fishingNote: this event has been rescheduled to Feb. 21 from Feb. 7th.

Come to the Cook Memorial Library on Wednesday February 21st from 7-8 pm to learn the latest in “modern” ice fishing.

Ice fishing has always been fun. Traditional ice fishers set traps with minnows swimming under them, sit back crack a beer and wait for fish. That’s fine for some, but ice fishing has changed and become very technically advanced. The Fish Nerds guide service loves the fish tech. This will be a show and tell, you will see ice fishing sonars, underwater cameras, the latest in ice augers (yeah even drills have become more advanced) and of course we will show you the “apps” that make finding fish a breeze. Spend the hour with the Fish Nerds, learn how to catch fish, have fun and leave the old beer drinking waiting for fish days behind you.
Clay Groves is host of the nationally popular Fish Nerds Podcast, has appeared on Boston Public Radio, New Hampshire Pubic Radio, NH Chronicle and is a licensed NH Fishing Guide. For more on the Fish Nerds head to or find them on Facebook.
Ice Fishing Seminar for the Modern Angler
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