transcendingOn exhibit at the library for the months of March and April is artwork by photographer Larry Elbroch and printmaker Vicky Elbroch. On Wednesday, March 28 at 7:00 pm, they will give a talk about their travel and work, “Mindful Travel with an Artist’s Eye.” Please join us.

Artist Statement

Our aim is to take the viewer with us to Asia.  Through traveling and interacting with other cultures, we have learned that we are more alike than different and there is unexpected beauty around every corner.  We are particularly drawn to spirituality and those people who live closer to the earth.

Many of the photographs are taken off the beaten track. We like to wander and witness in an unobtrusive way.

There is an adventure behind the photographs, but sometimes one image does not suffice to complete the story.  Layering several images can better capture place, people, and culture.  Sometimes we do this by combining our work.  A photograph of Victoria’s mixed media drawing is layered with one or more of the photographs. When we return, we continue reliving our adventures through our collaboration.

Mindful Travel with an Artist’s Eye
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