Lirakis photoSusan Lirakis’s art exhibit, “Sense of Place” will be on display at our library in August and September.

Artist Statement

Sense of Place

My images, even when the subject may be outer, physical landscape, tend to involve inner seeing as well. They concern a particular view. They often represent a space between words or a pause between silences. I give space to, play with, and re-collect dream, thought, and feeling. I explore the nature of my realities—inner, outer, and secret. I dance between light and shadow and into dreaming. I use my photographs to transform, to regenerate, to cre­ate, and to re-member. For me, my work is an alchemical means for exploration and expression. I inquire of myself, How do I see? How do I perceive the passage of time? What is a moment?

I find stability in connecting with nature. Some places I pass by almost daily. These places become part of my mind’s landscape. They are what I notice, consciously or unconsciously.  They take part in shaping who I am. The images, recorded or not, influence my perspective, and my outlook. They become part of the culture of my being alive, what I choose to see, and therefore, shape my values. What I choose to see in my exterior landscape becomes my interior landscape, and becomes my voice. Some aspects may or may not be photographed, but their imprint is etched into my memory nonetheless. It is helpful to be aware, to be conscious of these influences, so that I have more choice in my becoming.

Art exhibit features photos by Susan Lirakis
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