UPDATE 3/19/19: We hope to continue this film series into the spring, but low attendance this winter makes us question whether to continue. Please let us know your thoughts about day of the week, time of day, and if coming to the library to watch a film is something you would consider doing.

We’re starting a new documentary film and discussion series, which will meet monthly on the third Wednesday at 10:30 AM with discussion leader Laura Hodgman. All are welcome, feel free to bring a snack or lunch.

We show these films in collaboration with POV, the award-winning independent nonfiction film series on PBS.

January 16, 10:30 AM:Cutie and the Boxer by Zachary Heinzerling

(1 hr 22 min) An Oscar-nominated reflection on love, sacrifice and the creative spirit, this candid New York tale explores the chaotic 40-year marriage of famed “boxing” painter Ushio Shinohara and artist Noriko Shinohara. Winner, Directing Award: U.S. Documentary, 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

February 20, 10:30 AM: Well-Founded Fear by Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini

(1 hr 59 min) Political asylum—who deserves it? Who gets it? With unprecedented access, filmmakers Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson enter the closed corridors of the INS to reveal the dramatic real-life stage where human rights and American ideals collide with the nearly impossible task of trying to know the truth.

March 20, 10:30 AM:Earthrise, and Joe’s Violin

Earthrise (30 min), by Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee tells the story of the first image captured of the Earth from space in 1968.

In Joe’s Violin (24 min), Kahane Cooperman and Raphaela Neihausen show how a donated musical instrument forges an improbable friendship. Nominated, 2017 Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject.

April 17, 10:30 AM:Do Not Resist by Craig Atkinson

(1 hr 12 min) An exploration of the militarization of the police in the United States. Do Not Resist puts viewers in the center of the action—from inside a police training seminar to the floor of a congressional hearing on the proliferation of military equipment in small-town police departments. Winner, Best Documentary Feature Award, 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

May 15, 10:30 AM:The Look of Silence by Joshua Oppenheimer

(1 hr 43 min) In this award-winning film, an optometrist identifies the men who killed his brother in the horrific 1965 Indonesian genocide. He confronts them while testing their eyesight and demands they accept responsibility. Winner, Grand Jury Prize, Critics Prize and Human Rights Award, 2014 Venice Film Festival.

June 20, 10:30 AM: Beats of the Antonov by hajooj kuka and Steven Markovitz

(1 hr 8 min) Sudanese civilians facing government bombing campaigns celebrate their heritage through music, finding hope and a common identity. Winner, Grolsch People’s Choice Documentary Award, 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

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