Stop in and see the new carpet, it looks great! Thanks to a great crew of volunteers, we made the move to the Town House and back again with no fuss.

New carpet has a smell that can affect some people. Our library does have a “new carpet” smell. For our chemically sensitive patrons, please note:

  • The carpet we chose has low-VOCs (volatile organic compound)
  • The adhesive has no (zero) VOCs and is solvent free. If you would like to see the Safety Data Sheet for the adhesive, please see Mary Cronin.

We planned the carpeting project for September because windows can be opened to allow off-gassing of the new carpet to happen quickly. If you feel that you cannot use the library during the time it takes for the smell to go away, we offer these alternatives:

  • Visit another nearby library. Chocorua Public Library is right here in Tamworth, and Tamworth residents (full and part time) can use their Cook Library card at Madison, Conway, and Jackson libraries.
  • Use our public computers on the lower level which has no carpet.
  • Request temporary home delivery of library materials.

Library staff will also be able to adjust their time in the new carpet area if necessary, by working off-site or downstairs.

Questions? Call us at 603-323-8510, or email [email protected].

We’re open and we have new carpet!
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