Featured Book: Over and Under the Snow by Kate Messner

Additional books: Keep Looking by Millicent Selsam, One Winter’s Day by M. Christina Butler

Our January outdoor story time brought us into the world of animals in the winter. We read, talked and thought about where animals go when the snow covers the ground. Using some little animal friends from the library, we created homes for them in snowy holes, under piles of sticks and we even discovered a hole in a tree down by the river which became a perfect place for a family of little bears. The child directed play also included tunnel digging, exploring snowy footprints made with our boots, sliding and attempting some skiing down the hill on cedar shingles, and exploring a wonderful collection of old hinges found under Katy’s barn.

When children direct their own play, they naturally follow play patterns that are practiced by children in every culture, throughout time. Children come with these internal instructions to grow their capacity to learn, to develop self reliance and creativity. No specialized toys or instruction is needed. When children become engaged by play, they use their imagination to find or create the tools they need.

If you are interested in watching this amazing process take place, please join us behind the library for outdoor story time the last Tuesday of each month at 10:30 am. Kids of all ages, parents, grandparents and interested neighbors are always welcome!

Outdoor Storytime
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