We love being invited into our library families’ homes on Zoom each week! It reminds us all that even though we’re apart, we’re all in this together.

Last week’s story time:

Since we’re all spending so much time together at home, it’s more important and meaningful than ever for kids to have a special space just for them. Last week we explored a few ways for kids to create their own cozy homes. Amy and Polly read books about kids and animals creating spaces just right for them, and showed how we can do this using sheets, tarps, boxes, and even sticks and natural materials.

Why forts are important:

  • The adult world can sometimes feel too big for kids to navigate. Forts help kids feel safe in their own smaller, more manageable world. They get to be in charge and can tune out excess stimulation while they tune into themselves.
  • As kids figure out how to transform various materials into homes, they’re using their creativity and problem solving skills. When things don’t go as planned (the sheet slips, the sibling forgets to duck down to enter), it’s an opportunity to develop persistence and practice emotional regulation.
  • We can all use some breathing room right now. A fort can keep kids happy and busy in their own space, while giving parents a needed break. Adult fort visitors may be welcome now and then, but kids are mostly happy to inhabit and enjoy their special world all on their own. 

Extend the play:

  • Take your fort outside and enjoy it in all kinds of weather. Here’s a quick video about how to create an easy fort with a tarp: https://tinkergarten.wistia.com/medias/mc83zfdce8
  • Creating the fort is just the beginning. It can become the scene for all types of play: forts can be animal dens, a school, a boat, a napping or snacking place, or whatever else your kids imagine.

This Tuesday:

As we move further into the Spring season, we can use all our senses to explore. We’ll be sniffing and squishing, listening, and looking closely to observe the changes happening outside.

A helpful resource:              

Hand in Hand Parenting is providing free daily calls and free tools to help families thrive in this stressful time. They offer articles, live parenting calls, talks and classes to nurture parent child relationships.

If you’d like to join our weekly story time, email polly@tamworthlibrary.org for the link. We’d love to have you join us!

Amy and Polly

Fort story time
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