Last week’s story time:

Kids have been playing hide and seek since the 2nd century Greece, and last week at story time we brought this very ancient game to our modern computer screens. Amy read and talked about the seeking and finding we do during spring season-for eggs and matzos, and introduced hiding games with animals, everyday objects, finding each other on our zoom screens, and of course, playing peek a boo through our own fingers. Polly encouraged us to reach out to neighbors by hiding smiley acorns, rocks or wood where they can be found.

Hide and seek is one of kids’ favorite games and so much can be learned through the process:

  • Looking for a place to hide allows for a whole new perspective on your surroundings, and invites you to get off the well trod path.
  • As young kids safely experiment with temporarily separating from their adults, they build self reliance and independence.
  • Kids develop their hiding strategies as they play and get better with each round. 
  • It takes self-control to wait patiently to be found. 
  • And of course, you get to practice counting to 10!

A helpful resource:

If your child is missing friends but “virtual playdates” feel a bit stale, this article has a few creative ideas to try: The Parenting Together site is filled with articles to support parents during this challenging time. 

We recently changed our zoom room log in info and password so that we can have a longer gathering. Please email for the new link.

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