All of a sudden, our world is fresh, green and tender. We hope you are taking it in and feeling the newness and excitement that spring brings.

During last week’s story time we celebrated our frog friends. Amy shared her funny big mouth frog puppet, showed us some actual frog eggs and we listened to stories and sang songs about our green friends. Polly took us outside to learn how to create our own frog pond.

Why creating homes for small creatures is great for our kids:

  • Children are driven to imaginatively transform one object into another. It’s how they figure out how things work. Using natural materials to create a little home for a frog (real or pretend), a bug or a fairy is an opportunity for kids to practice this essential brain building skill.
  • Building little homes is perfect child-driven play. When kids decide for themselves how they want to create, it helps them to not become dependent on ideas from adults and inspires confidence and independence. Watch what ideas kids come up with on their own, and if they do want your participation, be sure to join in as a playmate.
  • Engineering the construction of a home, whatever form it takes, calls upon and develops our natural math, science and design skills. Arranging and rearranging, adjusting and refining physical items is the precursor to designing and manipulating ideas. Developing design thinking is a critical tool for the future.

This Tuesday at Cook Zoom Story Time:

Who hasn’t noticed that the bugs are back?! Black fly bites aside, insects and bugs are fascinating and important. This week Amy and Polly will show us why they are cool and how we can engage with them.

A helpful resource:

How are things going with mask wearing? We know. It’s a challenge even for the adults! Here’s a resource with some tips to Help Your Kids Make Friends With Masks.

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Amy and Polly

Frog storytime
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