Hello our dear Cook library family!

Last week at story time we explored the many colors that are surrounding us as the summer flowers bloom. Amy taught us how to say Rainbow in Sign Language and we added in that motion as we sang Rainbow Round Me. She also shared with us a great story about Pete the Cat who accidentally turns his shoes all kinds of colors.

Outside, Polly read to us about a child who loved colors so much that he painted his whole body in I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! That gave Polly an idea! With paint, water and mud she painted sticks and rocks and bark…and her hands, and face!

Encouraging creativity in our kids can stimulate much more than just their artistic tendencies. Creativity is about looking at things from different angles and solving problems and is a way to make a meaningful impact with our lives. It’s also about bringing mind, heart and senses together to create a rich and full life. In the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report, creativity is one of the three most important skills that kids need in order to thrive in the future world (along with problem solving and critical thinking). 

Here are just a few ways to encourage the development of our kids’ creativity:

Allow them to:

  • use materials in all kinds of ways: every object has infinite uses
  • take things apart: this is an important piece of kid’s brain development so feel free to let them indulge in it!
  • engage in purposeful messy play: getting comfortable with messy play begets comfort with the often messy process of creative thought
  • explore in their own way and direct their own play: offer your kids a starting point for their play and see where they take it from there

Amy and Polly

Colors and creativity at storytime
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