Our most recent story time got us thinking about the animals and plants with whom we share our world. Amy gave clues and encouraged the kids to predict which animals she was reading about. The story time kids were great at guessing based on her hints. If you want to try this at home, you can watch the book Amy read: An Animal Guessing Game: Who Am I? and do some guessing at home!  

Amy also introduced Cook’s creative community project for the week: making nature mandalas. Here’s a quick stop-motion video of Amy showing you how it is done! We’ve got some examples outside the library and supplies to make your own. Come by and see what we’ve created and take some inspiration (and a bag of chalk) home. 

Mandala making is a wonderful way to engage kids in design thinking. Today‘s children will be the problem solvers and innovators of our rapidly changing future world. Design challenges help them learn how to analytically and creatively work with whatever resources they have and practice adapting and pivoting when things don’t go as expected. We love to see the evidence that our library friends are taking story time ideas and working with them in their own play!

Polly shared another way to play with plants from her yard. Using a bowl or jar, a little water, some flowers, berries and other “magical” ingredients on hand (Polly found some mica), she created a special potion. It wasn’t for drinking, but for sprinkling to create magic. 

Inspiring real play, exploration and discovery is what we do in our Zoom story time each week. 

Join us this next Tuesday at story time as we explore the idea of home. You can bet that we’ll explore some cool animal homes and some magical fairy ones as well!

Looking forward to reading, learning and playing with you soon!

Amy and Polly

p.s. If you would like the Zoom link for story time, email Polly@tamworthlibrary.org

Designing learning at storytime
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