Cook’s summer reading/fun program has begun and at last week’s story time we celebrated the “Get Moving!” theme of the first week. As always, Amy got us singing and dancing. Bring some of this wiggling, jumping energy home with this song by Dan Zanes: Jump Up We bet that, just like us, you can’t listen without dancing! Amy also got us thinking about how we can move our bodies in new ways. Ways that might take some bravery, as we heard about in Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Polly read Bears in the Night by Stan and Jan Berenstain (this is a great video rendition!) where we saw a family of bears moving down a tree, around a lake, through the woods and up a hill. Polly wondered about moving through obstacles outside her house. With a stump, a branch, a log and some trees, she quickly came up with her own natural obstacle course. Maybe you can do that at your house too! The library had an obstacle course until the rain washed it away! Were you able to try it out? Try creating your own with natural materials, some chalk or paint or whatever you find in your barn or garage! Here’s a video example to help you with your at-home version and some helpful hints for creating your own course.

Get moving at storytime
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