Last week at Cook story time we celebrated the rain! Amy’s gardens have been getting a big drink after being thirsty for many weeks. She shared the book Big Rain Coming about Australia, another dry land, and then, we all created our own rain by rubbing our hands together, snapping, clapping and stomping. Here’s an example: human created rain storm. Listen to it with your eyes closed and we bet you won’t be able to tell the difference between this and a real storm! 

Polly and Oinker met us all outside and were excited about playing in the puddles! Oinker wanted to float a boat, but none was available, so they experimented with natural and everyday home objects to see whether they would sink or float! They found that it’s pretty easy to make your own boat out of things found outside. Polly challenged the story time kids to get outside to try this out, and as an extra challenge, to explore the puddles with bare feet!

Here are a couple of our intrepid explorers who accepted the challenge!

In case you haven’t heard, Cook’s summer reading program has been redesigned this year to focus on supporting fun for all members of our community regardless of age. This is week 1 and we’re encouraging everyone to Get Moving! We’re setting up an obstacle course at the library which you try out beginning this Tuesday. We hope you feel inspired to create your own at-home version. Here’s a video example and some helpful hints for creating your own course. Obstacle courses are great ways to help kids develop their sense of balance and an awareness of their bodies in space and in relation to other objects.

This Tuesday at story time, Polly will show how she creates an obstacle course in her yard. We hope you come and get some ideas! 

To get the link to join Zoom storytime, Tuesdays at 10:30, email

Amy and Polly

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