Jump right into this week’s theme with our community-wide creativity project: making a nature mandala. A mandala is circularly shaped design which occurs throughout the natural world and has been created by humans since the 1st century BC. Used in art, architecture and many religious and spiritual traditions, mandalas can represent connection and wholeness. And they’re also really fun to make! 

You need only whatever is readily available which could be anything from natural materials to food, toys, hardware, etc.! Here’s one quickly made with backyard materials. 

We encourage you to create one in your own backyard. Outside the library this week you’ll also find all kinds of supplies to create mandalas. Stop by, grab some chalk, stones, leaves, etc., and leave your own mark for your neighbors to enjoy. 

Stay tuned for this week’s “Do-You-Know?” videos made by your neighbors. We’ll be learning about mushrooms, caterpillars, and bittersweet.

Summer Program Week 3: Exploring our local plants and animals
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