We’re so happy we get to spend Tuesday morning with many of you each week. We definitely miss seeing you and your kids in the library, but through Zoom story time we feel connected to you and our community. If you haven’t tried our Zoom story time, we’d love to see you there. We’re trying to maintain an environment of comforting familiarity for the kids, an opportunity for parents to get some fresh ideas, and a little time each week for all of us to look beyond our own homes and yards and see some warm, happy faces through our screens. Oh, and did you know that the library is open by appointment? Give the library a call at 323-8510. We’ll find a time that works for you and your kids to come and choose some books!

This week we piggybacked on the summer reading weekly theme and jumped into some water explorations. Amy got us to think about the different kinds of water we find outside. Oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, puddles…..and so much rain! We read about, talked about and sang about all kinds of animals enjoying the water. 

Polly met us outside and shared an amazing story that happened to her son, Owen. He loved throwing rocks into the river, but one day the river began to throw them back!  Here’s a movie where you can watch what happened. Polly showed how we can use rocks as blocks and build our own stone towers. Perhaps you’ve been by the library to build or see the cairns built by others. If not, we’ve got lots of rocks out front. Come and try your hand at a tall tower!

Why building is a great activity for kids:

  • Kids are fascinated with connecting objects, whether it is a train hooked up in a line, a stack of blocks, or a line traced between stones in the dirt. This is one of the behaviors that kids engage in all across the planet and throughout all time. It helps young brains develop, which makes it an irresistible activity. 
  • As any us attempt to build with irregular objects, we find ourselves drawing on our critical thinking skills. Through trial and error, we categorize and make new connections.
  • We can explain weight and balance to kids, but nothing helps them to understand these physical concepts like experimenting with them on their own!

We hope you’ll join us this week as we continue to explore our summer reading program’s weekly themes. This coming Tuesday we’ll be looking at plants and animals.  

If you need the Zoom link, Send an email to polly@tamworthlibrary.org. We love seeing familiar and new faces each week!

Amy and Polly

Water explorations at storytime
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