This week Cook Library wraps up our town-wide, at-home summer camp for all ages and we invite you all to come together to Celebrate Tamworth!

Things to do this week:


This week at Cook library we invite you to proudly promote what you love about our town by flying your own homemade flag! 

  1. Come by the library and pick up a blank flag under the tent outside.
  2. Decorate your flags with drawings or words about your favorite natural places, events, buildings, memories, anything Tamworth!
  3. Fly the flag outside your home

We’re working on our own flag at the library and we want you to contribute to it. You’ll find it on the table outside the library, ready for your signature, drawings, words and ideas.

Two challenges:

Come on down to the village and go on a scavenger hunt! You can print out your own list of clues or borrow a laminated copy outside the library. Everything can be seen while walking along the Main Street from the Four Corners to the Town House.

How are you with your Tamworth trivia?  Pick up a copy of our trivia questions under the library tent, or take the Tamworth trivia challenge online. Trivia questions were compiled by Amy and Wyatt Berrier. You have until Aug 8th to submit your answers online and we’ll announce the winners on August 10th. We’ve got some fun prizes!

“Do You Know” videos:

Learn more about the history of our wonderful town through these community-made “Do-You-Know?” videos!

An historical cemetery tour:

New Hampshire Cemeteries and Graveyards, Saturday, August 1, 2:00 p.m. at the Riverside Cemetery on Whittier Road. A grant from NH Humanities brings this to Tamworth. For details:

Read about all four weeks of our summer program at

Week Four of our Summer Program
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