When a well-crafted story is skillfully shared, whether in person or over a computer screen, a magical engagement takes place. This week during Cook Library’s Zoom story time, Amy read Robert McClosky’s Blueberries For Sal and the story time kids were enthralled! If you haven’t heard this story in awhile, no matter your age, treat yourself to this reading of it. Like our eager, young listeners, we bet that you’ll be drawn into this gentle story of parent child outing that develops into a surprising adventure.

With our kids mostly at home this summer, with fewer playmates and resources available, we might think they’re stuck without much of a sense of adventure. Yet books are an excellent springboard for imaginative ideas which can lead to real life escapades. We’d love to help you and your kids to choose your own adventure launching books. We’re fond of helping families find just the right reads, so feel free to ask for our recommendations, either in person at the library, or give us a call and we’ll put some on our outdoor table for you. 

Though this is an unusually quiet time for our kids, a slower pace can actually lead to rich and deep play. This is a great opportunity for kids to take control of the process, calling upon their creativity and problem solving abilities. We introduce examples of this type of child-led play during each week’s story time. This week we wondered if we could create our own colors using berries, leaves, flowers and wood and then got busy trying it out. The point was not to create a painting, or even actually to create a substitute for paint, but to experiment, explore and get lost in discovery. We can’t wait to see what the kids created in their own yards and woods this week.

We’ll keep sharing free, outdoor, child-led play scenarios each week during story time and in these posts. Whether Zoom story time is a format that works for your family, we hope that you and your kids jump into the wonderful play opportunities that these days can hold.

Amy and Polly

Berry fun times at storytime
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