Cook Memorial Library is pleased to announce the winners of Tamworth Trivia!
No internet or other look-it-up assistance:

  • 1st place – Dom Bergen, 14.49/21
  • 2nd place – Kit Morgan, 14.24/21
  • 3rd place – Annie Burke, 10.49/21

No internet but some other help:

  • 1st place Jean Williams, 11.91/21

With internet:

  • 1st place – Lawrence and David Little, 20.33/21
  • 2nd place – Kate Vachon, 15.75/21
  • 3rd place – Beth McCarthy, 15.24/21

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who participated!

The winners will receive a virtual and actual Tamworth Trivia winner badge, plus they can choose a prize from a selection of new books and other fun swag.

Please join us in thanking Amy and Wyatt Berrier for coming up with the questions and answers.

And … here are the questions with the answers:


Question: Name the five villages of Tamworth.

Answer: Tamworth, Chocorua, South Tamworth, Wonalancet, and Whittier

Question: How many places named Tamworth, worldwide, can you name? Where are they located?

Answer: Tamworth New Hampshire, Ontario (Canada), England, Australia, Virginia, and South Dakota. Are there more?

Question: What is the original name of the bridge over the Bearcamp River, now known as the David A. Bowles Memorial Bridge?

Answer: Butler’s Bridge

Question: Who is the village of Whittier named after?

Answer: John Greenleaf Whittier

Question: Who was the first woman to serve on the Tamworth Select Board?

Answer: Lillian McGrew

Question: What was manufactured at the Bartlett Mill in South Tamworth?

Answer: Wooden rakes

Question: Name four roads that leave Route 25 and head south into the Ossipee Mountains.

Answer: Mountain Road, Mason Hill Road, Lords Hill Road, and Gilman Valley Road

Question: What type of volcanic rock is found in the Ossipee Mountains that was heavily used by Native Americans to craft tools?

Answer: Hornfels

Question: Name three local landmarks pictured on the New Hampshire quarter.

Answer: Chocorua Lake, Mt. Chocorua, and the Narrows Bridge. NOTE: This question was taken out of consideration since there are two different quarters related to New Hampshire. The quarter with the image of Chocorua Mountain and Lake is an “America the Beautiful” series quarter. The New Hampshire State Quarter has the Old Man of the Mountain on it.

Question: What kind of wood was used to construct the railings of Chocorua’s Narrows Bridge and where is that wood from?

Answer: White cedar from Machias, Maine

Question: What are three former names of what is now called “The Preserve at Chocorua”?

Answer: Hayfords’-in-the-Field, Staffords-in-the-Field, and the Brass Heart Inn.

Question: Where is the Tamworth Town Pound located and what would you have found there years ago?

Answer: The Town Pound is located on Cleveland Hill Road, near Ordination Rock. Loose livestock were kept there, awaiting retrieval by their owners.

Question: What denomination is served by the Wonalancet Union Chapel?

Answer: All denominations are welcome

Question: Name three restaurants, now closed, that operated in the Whittier section of Tamworth (hint: the Kenneth A. Brett School and St. Andrew’s Church are in Whittier).

Answer: The Pioneer, Katy’s German-American Restaurant, and Chequers Villa.

Question: Who founded The Barnstormers Theater? In what year?

Answer: Francis Cleveland, in 1931

Question: How old is Tamworth’s state-issued ballot box, still in use today?

Answer: The ballot box was issued to Tamworth by the State of New Hampshire in 1892, making it 128 years old.

Question: What business now operates out of the former Catholic Church? Bonus Question: What was the local nickname of that church?

Answer: Rutabaga Upholstery Studio. Bonus Answer: The “Chocolate Church”

Question: What were the Women of Tamworth wearing that made their 2002 calendar so famous?

Answer:  Nothing!

Question: Which is deeper, Chocorua Lake or White Lake?

Answer: White Lake, which is at least 40-feet at its deepest point. Chocorua Lake is approximately 27-feet deep.

Question: What former rocket scientist has two Tamworth trails named after him?

Answer: Joe Binsack

Question: What material adorns the ceiling of Tamworth’s Town House?

Answer: Tin

Question: Who was Chinook? Where and in what year was he born?

Answer: Chinook was a sled dog, born at Arthur Walden’s kennel in Wonalancet in 1917. He was the lead dog on Admiral Richard Byrd’s expedition to the South Pole. The Chinook dog breed is descended from him and the Chinook is now the New Hampshire State Dog.

An Unanswered Question: When Whittier, NH had a post office, what was the zip code?

Answer: If anyone knows, please tell us…..

Compiled by Amy & Wyatt Berrier

Tamworth Trivia winners and answers
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