We are pleased to announce that our latest local history publication has just been published!

Yesterday’s Women Recalled Today is a 24-page booklet, described as follows in Chris Clyne’s preface:

The idea for this collection of biographies of Tamworth women began with Jean Ulitz. After Jean retired from directing the library in 1992, she worked with others to start a genealogy and history center at the library. It was during that time that she began to collect names and write the biographies of Tamworth women who were known for their accomplishments and contributions to the local community.

Jean was active in the Tamworth Historical Society as well. She collaborated with others to write several local history books including Tamworth Recollections and The Lower Mount Washington Valley Albany-Tamworth-Ossipee with Mabel Hidden.

Ten of the fourteen biographies in this book were written by Jean. She chose a name for her writing project, Yesterday’s Women Recalled Today, and then put it aside for a time. She shared her project with me in the early 2000s and encouraged me to write two of the biographies and to find photos of all the women. More recently, Betsy Loughran wrote two more biographies to finish the collection.

This year, 2020, the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the United States, seems a fitting time to finally publish Jean’s book. All of the women in the book were born before 1920, and all but one lived to see the 19th amendment pass. Jean was honored this year as the oldest resident of Tamworth and was presented with the Town’s Boston Post Cane.

This pandemic spring and summer, Chris Clyne and Peggy Johnson, along with community members Millie Streeter and Betsy Loughran, finished writing and worked on getting it ready for publication. Minuteman Press provided the printing services. The Friends of Cook Memorial Library funded the printing of the book and proceeds from the sales of the book will return to benefit the Friends.

You may purchase a copy for $5 each at the library, or you may use the Friends’ order form to order by mail.

“Yesterday’s Women Recalled Today”
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