An art exhibit featuring the work of twenty-five, mostly local, artists is now on display at the Cook Memorial Library. The exhibit is the third annual community art exhibit curated by Lucy Gatchell. The theme for this year is “All Things Water.” 

The paintings, prints, and drawings depict water in a number of forms: oceans, clouds, ponds, snow, rivers, fog, dew. The exhibit is hung throughout the main floor of the library, and can be seen during the library’s regular hours. Visitors should follow the library’s COVID-19 protocols, including wearing a mask and maintaining six feet social distance from other humans. The exhibit will be on display through the months of October and November.

Featured artists: Robert Burt, David M. Carroll, Marnie Cobbs, David Cronin, Jed Devine, Elaine Ford, Willey Fromm , JP Goodwin, Peggy Johnson, Marge Kendrick, Jessica Kissell, Stephen Kull, Susan Lirakis, Candace Maher, Ann McGarity, Molly Mundy, M. Parsons, Philip Parsons, Sr., Jay Rancourt, Vivien Russe, Katherine Sandoz, Justin Kappy Schmidt, Kit Semmes, Matthew Smith, John B. Watkins, MD.

“All Things Water” community art exhibit
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