On Wednesday, November 18, at 7PM, join the Chocorua Lake Conservancy for “Winter Trees in Your Forest”, a live online presentation via the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth. Lynne Flaccus, CLC Stewardship Director and naturalist, will use twig samples and photos in this Zoom program to explore twigs, bark, and tree silhouettes to help with identification. We might even try our hand at identification of the billets in your woodpile!

In a snow-filled forest, even from a distance, tree shape is a good clue to start your ID with. So many trees and shrubs have distinctive shapes when compared to their neighbors. Using shapes and silhouettes even from afar, or along with bark, you can learn a lot even if you can’t  see, smell, or taste the buds up close. When you can reach them, twigs and buds are a good tool to confirm identification.

What are some common identification terms used in your favorite ID book? Are the buds naked? Opposite or alternate? How many scales do the buds have? Is the bark soft or hard? Are there lenticels that you can see? What are those little bumps on this twig that make it such a good fire starter even when wet? We will talk about these details and more that you can use in a process of elimination to figure out what trees and shrubs are in your backyard. Please join us with your own experiences and questions. We hope to leave you with tools to help you continue to learn about trees and shrubs on your own.

To access the talk, go to bit.ly/CLCtreeID on Wednesday, November 18, at 7PM. If you haven’t been on Zoom before, come on a little early and you will be prompted to download the software, or paste the link into your browser to do this anytime between now and the 18th. You can also find the live link at www.chocorualake.org and on the CLC Facebook events page. You probably won’t need to do this, but if prompted to, enter Meeting ID 824 2308 7397 and password 008067.

Winter Trees in Your Forest with CLC on Nov. 18
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