We’ve been finding that keeping everyone six feet apart can be hard inside the library because of the layout of our building. We’re making some adjustments as we go into winter. Our goal is to stay open and we need to work together for that to happen.

So, if you’re stopping in to browse for books or other things to check out, we’ll ask you to keep your visit brief, 10 minutes or so, and if someone’s already browsing, we’ll ask you to wait until they have checked out before you head over to the shelves or before you go to the desk to check out.

If you wish to use a library computer or need a place to sit to access our wifi, plan on spending no more than half an hour unless you make arrangements for more time by calling ahead.

If you need copies, faxes, or scans made, you may ring the new door bell to the right of the book drop and staff will meet you at the door to help you. If it’s not busy, we’ll let you know you are welcome to come inside, but if it is busy, we will make your copies, etc. and bring them out to you.

We will continue offering no-contact pickup of library items in the foyer. You may call, email, text, use our online request form, or login to your library account to let us know what you wish to check out and pickup in the foyer.

We also offer delivery of library books and other items. We have volunteers who will deliver library items to your house in Tamworth. Contact us to ask for a home delivery application or with questions about how it works.

Social distancing inside the library
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