Thank you all for your patience while we work out a safe and feasible way to accept donated books. Beginning in November, we will begin accepting a limited amount of specific type books. Until we can hold another book sale, we don’t have much storage space for new donations.

Right now, we will welcome donations of

  • Books published in 2020
  • Children’s books in good condition

Please help us by following these guidelines:

  • Bring only 1 or 2 bags/boxes at a time
  • Put a note with your name and phone number in the bags/boxes
  • Do not leave donations outside, bring them inside during library hours

We cannot accept, and will return them to you:

  • Encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Time-Life and other multi-volume sets
  • Anything musty, chewed, marked, dog-eared

Our Friends of Cook Memorial Library are making plans for another Book Sale. We’ll let you know when soon.

Some book donations now being accepted
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