Good news as we head into winter!

Our library’s subscription to Ancestry Library, normally only available at the library is now available to you from a home computer. You need a library card to access Ancestry. Earlier this year, this worked intermittently, but I think we have fixed the problems. Here’s the link to instructions:

Another new thing to know is that Overdrive, the service platform for NH Downloadable Books, has recently acquired Zinio online magazines, and is offering their entire catalog to us through next summer. After that we will work with our other New Hampshire libraries and the NH State Library to select which magazines to purchase access to (i.e., what we can afford.) But for now, enjoy the variety!

Find the Overdrive Magazines on a computer using the NH Downloadable Books website, or you can find them in the Libby app on your phone or tablet. This is a new and huge selection of current popular magazines, originating from all over the world and published in a number of languages. Did you know there is a Russian version of Architectural Digest? A Taiwanese version of Golf Digest? Maybe you know a student studying a foreign language who might like to practice reading a gossip, food, or sports magazine in that language.

Here are some links to start exploring what’s available:

If you have any questions about Ancestry or Overdrive Magazines, let us know.

Updates to online library – Ancestry from home and LOTS more digital magazines
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