On Tuesday, February 16 at 7PM, live via Zoom, join the Chocorua Lake Conservancy and the Cook Memorial Library for “Owls by Zoom,” a presentation on New Hampshire owls by CLC Stewardship Director Lynne Flaccus.

Update: To watch the recording of this talk, go to https://youtu.be/ueHNHpb5feI.

Eleven species of owls may be seen in New Hampshire. Some nest here, and others are winter visitors, or pass through in the short term. Depending on the species, they may employ different strategies for hunting, diet, habitat use, and nesting. In spite of that diversity, owls also share some common adaptations, unique to owls, that help them to survive.

Join us to explore what makes an owl an owl, what unique adaptations they have, and who might live in your backyard. We’ll use images and calls to explore the natural
history of these “living mousetraps” (even though they eat more than mice!). What are the behavioral and physical adaptations that help them to find food—often in the dark or in low light at night—and survive our northern winters? When and where do they nest? What are some tips for finding owls in your neighborhood?

Owls by Zoom, February 16
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