Thank you to everyone who helped make Valentine’s Day cards. We collected 225 cards from kindergarten and first graders at K.A. Brett School, from grandparents and parents who made them with their kids, from adults of all ages who displayed an amazing amount of creativity and care. We estimate that 52 or so people made Valentines!

We’d like to thank Ricco for putting together kits with Valentines making supplies, and the organizations that helped distribute the Valentines: Meals on Wheels via the Tamworth Community Nurse Association, Remick Acres, Mountain View Community, and Tamworth Community Living.

You made enough Valentines so that we were able to share some with the Tamworth Nurses, town office staff and officials, and first responders at Tamworth Police and Fire and Rescue.

We may make this an annual tradition!

Thank you for making Valentines!
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