Cook Memorial Library is asking anyone who is interested to offer input about our community’s needs and hopes for the future in order to prepare for upcoming grant opportunities, and to help develop the next update of the library’s Strategic Plan. If you have time for a one-on-one conversation, let Library Director Mary Cronin know. If you belong to a local organization, we’d welcome the opportunity to have a brief chat at your next meeting. If you are a local business owner, we’d love to talk with you on the phone.

These are the questions we’ll ask to start the conversation:

  • What kinds of information were you (or people you know) missing that would have helped during this past year?
  • What do you think people, families, and our whole community will need to know, do, or learn as we come out of this pandemic?

We will also ask about your aspirations for yourself and our community. How can the library help you move toward making them a reality?

Seeking community input
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