This summer, we are pleased to have artwork by Kristy Foster-Carbone on exhibit at our library. Her exploration of the interplay between words and images seems perfectly suited to a library setting.

Artist statement:

“Art for me, is an exploration of concepts and materials. Working with word and image, how does a word or words affect an image or object? If an object is made of words, do words become just brick and mortar? A found object can become a higher idea if it is named. If it is unnamed it can lose much of its meaning.

“Intimate apparel” hung by the windows embodies this type of artistic expression. Two nylon stockings filled with broken egg shells. My intention lies in finding the minimal material to express an idea or concept.

Kristine Foster-Carbone is a mixed media artist, landscape designer, teacher, and farmer who lives in Eaton, New Hampshire.

Kristy Foster-Carbone artwork on exhibit July & August
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