What a wild ride this past year and a half has been!   What do you wish you had known before the pandemic hit?   Would you have made different choices or paid attention to different things? 

On Saturday, July 31 at 4:00 PM, our Riverside Serenade will be a two-part music-making and storytelling program.

For the storytelling part, we invite you to share your reflections on perseverance, forgiveness, joy, regret, reassurance or anything else you wish your earlier self had known, with or without notes.  The guidelines are simple:   

  1. The story should be true. 
  2. You have up to 5 minutes. 
  3. No commentary about other people –their political views, their identities, their bodies.  No rants. No advice for other people.  This is for 2021 you to share your experiences and insights with your 2020 self and the community that has been here with you (at a distance) through it all.   

We are looking for a variety of voices, especially those who aren’t often heard from.  It’s okay if you’re nervous. You’re free to use notes. Margo Mallar, who is leading the storytelling part of the July 31 program, is happy to help you practice your story ahead of time.  Let us know if you’d like to meet or contact Margo to learn more.

Share your “note to self” at riverside program on 7/31
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