You may have noticed that many of the supplies we use during story time are simple, free things. Rocks, dirt, boxes, weeds, toilet paper tubes! The reason behind this is that too much stimulation—including having too many choices—is hard for all kids. When kids have few and simple playthings however, they put more of themselves into their play. Play that asks more from a child and less from a toy is play which engages a child, reaches a child exactly where they are, asks more from the child’s creativity and invites the child to further their own development. 


When a child has fewer toys, they play longer, more deeply and joyfully. Focus and agency increase and kids get the chance to repeat their play which is an important part of supporting their developing brains.

Join us this week for Cook storytime when we’ll see where the kids go with some simple materials found this time of year—sticks and apples! We’ll read stories and sing songs about apples and then let’s observe where the kids go when faced with these simple materials. It will be fascinating for us adults to see what they do with them!

And for more inspiration about simple toys here’s Wired magazine’s list of the best toys of all time!

Amy and Polly

Cook Memorial Storytime

Join us each Tuesday at 10:30 am behind the library

Simply playing at storytime
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