If you’ve got a young kid in your life, you’ve probably noticed that little ones love to collect stuff and cart it around. Collecting and transporting are 2 of those universal behaviors that build young brains. How cool that kids are just naturally attracted to activities that enable them to do that! Our metal story time buckets (aside from being shiny and making great sounds when you put things in them), are perfect kid toys because they are a tool for these young ones to do exactly what they are impelled to do.

This week at storytime we’ll experiment with another wonderful and free tool that is perfect for collecting – an empty egg carton. Each little section allows kids to see the individual item and how it compares to the other items. It slows kids down and allows them to appreciate and begin noticing categories. We’ll read stories and sing songs about squirrels and then take our turn being squirrelly – collecting the fall bounty of nuts and seeds! 

And speaking of free toys and thinking about the upcoming holidays, here’s a fantastic blog post from Teacher Tom: Teacher Tom’s Last Minute Gift Ideas Teacher Tom is a brilliant preschool teacher from Seattle. His blog is an amazing resource for teachers and parents.

See you out in the leaves!

Amy and Polly

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Collecting at Storytime
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