The Cook Memorial Library now offers binoculars that library members can check out for stargazing or bird watching. A project of the New Hampshire Astronomical Society and other regional Astronomy Clubs, the Library Binoculars program, a new phase of the Library Telescope Program, is being launched this year. The Cook Memorial Library is the first library to join the Library Binoculars Program. 

In 2008, the Cook Memorial Library was the first New Hampshire public library to join the Library Telescope Program developed by Tamworth resident Marc Stowbridge and the New Hampshire Astronomical Society. Since then, the Library Telescope Program has expanded to 132 New Hampshire libraries. Now there are telescopes in libraries in over 40 states through partnerships with over 25 regional astronomy clubs that adopted New Hampshire Astronomical Society’s model.

According to Marc Stowbridge, binoculars are a great introductory tool for viewing the night sky. The binoculars kit available to borrow from the Cook Memorial Library includes one pair of Vortex Crossfire 8×42 Binoculars, chosen for ease of use and durability, a user manual, a guidebook to the constellations, a guide to backyard birds of eastern/central North America, and a sturdy waterproof carrying case to hold it all. 

The Friends of Cook Memorial Library are pleased to sponsor the Library Binoculars kit for the Cook Memorial Library. 

To learn more about how to borrow the binoculars, stop in or call us at 603-323-8510. 

Library Binoculars now available to borrow
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